7 skills you have on the city social media mastery

Think social media platforms of the most important developments that have occurred since the discovery of the internet and even now, so strongly contributed to the strengthening of communication between people from different parts of the world, as well as facilitated communication between customers and brands like never before.

Marketing has become social media platform of the most important areas of email marketing, helping brands to deliver their messages strictly marketing to the target audience at a cost much lower than traditional marketing avenues.

It is therefore important for companies to choose the officials of marketing on social media platforms carefully, and the exception of test center of social communication, which will be responsible for leading and directing the team of social media fully in the company.

Here are 7 important skills should be mastered by the director of social media:

1 – the ability to communicate with others efficiently:

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Think this is the most important skill for the director of social media, this makes sense to someone who concentrated his function on enhancing communication with others, but the nature of the communication here is different from the skill of traditional spices, where the manager should social media be fluent in the understanding of its audience, and that’s his team to communicate with this audience in an appropriate manner.

In the same context, it must recognize the fundamental differences in the style to communicate with target audience, different social media platforms, for example: style to communicate with target audience on Instagram is different from style to communicate with target audience on Twitter.

2 – all constantly on the latest trends in the field:

This skill is very necessary due to the nature of social media platforms, where this region is witnessing the development of and ongoing updates during the short periods of time.

As to marketing efforts on these platforms has become linked primarily to the rest of the marketing channels-mail, for example: you can configure a Custom Audience Custom Audience on Facebook using a list of email addresses you have collected from your website visitors, and targeted ads customized to them.

In addition to the role of Social Signals currently in improving the ranking of your website appears in search engine results, through content that visitors share directly through the buttons of the ad hoc joint so your location.

All of the above demonstrates the need for knowledge of the heart of the social networking trends of modern, common points between social media platforms, and other channels of e-marketing.

3 – ability to manage projects in every detail:

Management of marketing efforts on social media platforms is not an easy job as some think, where it requires good managerial skills, such as: the ability to guide and motivate the team to accomplish the required tasks in a timely manner, the ability to analyze the results and find solutions to the weaknesses of existing accounts of the enterprise, in addition to analyzing the activities of competitors and make use of them.

In other words, the management accounts of the different social media, as the management of projects for digital, where he is the director develop a plan of action for each account, including identifying the objectives to be achieved, and the strategies and tactics used to achieve these goals, as well as to identify the fundamental elements of performance measurement.

4 – good level in writing, and the drafting of texts:

It is known that marketing activities on social media platforms evolve to include words of text, both with the published pictures, or video, to deliver marketing messages to specific followers, and therefore it is important to be a manager of social networking at a good level in relation to the writing style and the drafting of texts.

I don’t mean to say write a paragraph of text myself, but just provide guidance to official written content, as well as periodic review of unpublished texts with pictures, or videos on the company’s accounts, and training for re-drafting in the case of the texts of the non-compliant marketing communications are planned.

5 – flexibility, and scalability to cope with the constant changes:

As we mentioned before; the social media platform feature updates, constant changes, as it now and then. may show a new direction attracts the attention of most users.

So should the director of social communication to be flexible and to cope both with the changes and technical developments for various of each period, or the expectations that suddenly appear and capture the attention of users.

This professional will have the ability to exploit potential opportunities for the company upon the occurrence of any sudden change in this organization or in the behavior of its users.

6 – good knowledge of the basics of marketing, and persuasion:

Does not require the management of marketing across social media platforms to master dealing with their technical characteristics only, but will extend it to include the skills of marketing infrastructure, this includes: knowledge of the behaviour of the target, and the oil that affect them, the fundamentals of advertising and promotion and other skills that fall under the marketing skills.

7 – knowledge of the basics of customer service:

Think of social networking platforms and communication channels directly between the company and the customer, so it is necessary to have managers of this organization have knowledge of the principles of customer service.

People say whatever they want on social media platforms, and may be a way to expression aggressive when you know the problem with any company, so officials must communicate to the institution taking into account the response in a polite manner and to resolve their problem, leading to strengthened company’s reputation online.

It is the responsibility of the director social media is a big responsibility, with the supervision of the officials of the management accounts of the company and the way they dealt with customer complaints, inquiries different, which imposes upon you the necessity of familiarity with the methods of customer service, how to behave with them according to position.


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