7 steps to change your PC and router

Talk in this article about 7 steps to change using router. Where it lies the importance of Wi-Fi enables you to connect to the internet, but if the network is not secure. you’ll learn your information and your privacy to risk. You can protect your Network and data by continuous change based router. And also changed the password that prevents your neighbors from stealing internet speed you. In order to change the password, open the main page of router your. Income to your account and change the password through the side menu that appears on the home page.

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7 steps to change your PC and Wi-Fi

The first step: open the configuration page of your router

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You can access the configuration page of your router via the browser connected to the internet. If you are unable to connect to the internet for not knowing your place materials, you can deliver your pc to the router by cable directly. These tricks will cover you for respect to the presence of Wi-Fi.

  • There are several titles fixed always when you change the using the router is: and and and for Apple for cases. Put the title of them in the space provided to write the URLs in the browser.
  • If that doesn’t work any title above to drive you home page of the router, just click on the button Windows button on the keyboard with the R button, opens you to a command prompt. And then type cmd. Once you open the command prompt, type ipconfig. Then press the button you change. Look for your connection to the activity in the list, and look for the portlet title by default. This in general be the address of your router.
  • If the failure of all previous attempts, press the button to re-open in the router commented your finger on it and wait for 30 seconds to return the router to the settings to the factory default. Then get the address of the default router and the browser.
  • Some devices router come the programme of the composition. If you install this program on your device, just use it instead of the browser.

The third step: enter the password, and nickname your router

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You will be prompted to change using router alias hemorrhoid to detail. If this is the first time you change a password, and then enter the alias hemorrhoid the current. And, of course, vary this information from the router for the last, just look for the login information of your router your.

  • If you change your PC and the router before that and copy it, or take the router of the owner of the last and live “password.” – no, all you need is the pressure and deepening the finger on the button re-open the router for 30 seconds. This, in turn, will return the settings to its default. This allows you to log in to the router by the nickname bass coverage.

The second step: open the network Wi-Fi(lies)

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When you login to the router, look for Section wireless to be changed using the router. And the real losers varies from router to another. But you are generally looking for Settings Wireless, and specifically about its own tab.

  • If the wireless on the sub-sections, open the page protection wireless.

Step Four: change using the router.

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Look for the box office next to his Password or Passphrase or Shared Key. When you change using a router, you can put the password to the new in this box or the box. Some of the narrator’s estate asks you to re-type the password to confirm the authenticity of his writing.

  • Type – “Password” is hard and almost impossible for anyone to guess. And preferably not be related to anything personal, and it must contain the group numbers and large letters and small symbols, special like ! Or $ or #.
  • Needs password strength to 8 characters and symbols at least.

The fifth step: check of type of protection your

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There are three main ways to encrypt wireless: WEP, WPA, and WPA2. In order to achieve maximum protection of the company, it using WPA2. And can continue after some problems when you enter to phimosis the router through devices old. In this assignment, you should switch to WPA or WPA/WPA2. And I recommend you choose WEP, where you can break the WEP encryption easily, where they can break this encryption in 30 seconds.

Step six: not the name of a network router

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If you are still at the previous step, change the name of the router, if not already done so. Must not contain the name on anything that shows personal information about you. Where the name will appear to the public. This will change the name to deter anyone from attempting to penetrate it. Where they become names, virtual aquarium the router as up for grabs to hackers.

Step six: save your settings and tests.

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After the completion of enter the password of the new router and change your PC and the router, press the Approve button. Varies website approve button of the router for the last. But in general be at the top or bottom of the page router. Used router moments to save the changes, and will become all the setups surrounding the non-connected to the router.

  • After changing the settings of the router, you can connect to it via the hemorrhoidal new.

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