7 things favored by lovers of adventures in the iPhone and hours Apple Smart

Start iPhones, and(Apple Watch smart) Apple Watch ‘s first stages manufactured inside the laboratories of Apple in the center of Cupertino Cupertino, California, and the location within the sterilizer manufacturer for the speck of dust, or even fingerprints.

Includes new versions of the iPhone and hours Apple Smart many of the features that make your adventures more fun, so today we will consider some of the things that you can do using these devices in a journey of adventure, where the network signal is available often.

The following are 7 things favored by lovers of adventures in the iPhone hour Apple’s smart TV:

1 – features water resistant:

7 أشياء يفضلها محبو المغامرات في آيفون وساعة آبل الذكية 

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Lead your existence in the wilderness adventure inevitably to exposing the former Rain, and, the money from each side, and the Apple Watch smart as good swimmers, so you can survive the rain or falls in a lake, thanks to the support of its feature resistance to water and dust.

While the iPhone is still not 100% waterproof technically, but so far not encountered any problems through heavy rain, or even when standing in any body of water is shallow.

2. use the (GPS) without internet:

استخدام GPS بدون إنترنت

Let me wonder; what were the passengers doing in the past before the development of the Global Positioning System (GPS) is? They were using a paper map, or rely on the Compass, although these tools are still very useful until now, only the iPhone hour Apple’s smart TV has opened a whole new dimension to travelers after it became system (GPS) available in (flight mode) Airplane Mode, a situation which is known as non-contact.

It should be noted that the Maps Apple Maps; to enable this feature only for cars, but app developers have developed some of the tools the amazing provide this water during the experiment.

3 – the camera:

7 أشياء يفضلها محبو المغامرات في آيفون وساعة آبل الذكية

There is no doubt that iPhone enjoy has a great camera, where Apple always focus on the quality of the camera, and support more features.

Enjoy camera iPhone easily handle all their settings are different, also supports a large number of shooting modes that help you capture the wonderful moments in the journey of adventure with high professionalism.

For example: when you find yourself amidst stunning natural scenery, and not be able to take a picture for the whole scene in one image, you can use the mode (panorama) Pano; to get the image of stunning wide-angle, which is an excellent position for when the chains of mountains, waterfalls, giant trees, or other landscaping.

Also supports camera phones to the Apple also feature (Live Photos) that allows you to capture memories in the moment they occur, by moving pictures with sound period of 3 seconds, and gives you the HDR mode to capture several photos of varying different colors and merge them automatically, so you get one picture among the details in both Shadow and light.

And helps put (the burst) Burst, in the capture of multiple images at once; until you have a large number of images to choose from, you can also sync all the photos that you take via (iCloud) iCloud; and to be accessed easily from any other device.

4 – battery life:

عمر البطارية

Added Apple TV massive improvements to battery life in its phones new, if you are using the iPhone 6s old, and moved phone iPhone XR going from the big change that happened in the life of the battery, where he stressed that lovers of Adventures who used the phones on their flights, with the iPhone XR there wasn’t any worry about the battery, it helped them take all the pictures they want, and the tracks, and connecting to a cell when available.

5 – feature Face ID:

Face ID

Think facial recognition Face ID great improvement in unlock phones, iPhone modern, and are considered the best of the feature fingerprint Touch ID, especially when you’re on an adventure and you’re wearing gloves, or your hand stained with sweat and dirt.

6 – flight mode:

وضع الطيران

One of the biggest challenges faced by the lovers of the adventure is to prolong the battery life of their devices for as long as possible, if you leave in a place where cellular coverage is limited, the telephones and mobile devices relating to staying all the time on the network to relate to him, this procedure drains the battery faster than if you breathe throughout the city with good coverage.

You can turn on flight mode during the journey and the adventure, where it says Disable all connectivity features on your device, but leaves the GPS system works, which works to preserve battery power. When you reach the place where the cellular coverage is good, you can switch between the modes, check messages and notifications.

7 – ligaments of the former Watch Bands:

أبطة الساعة

The most prominent feature in the Apple Watch Smart is that it supports a set of laces styled to suit most occasions, with the possibility to switch between them easily. As well as its support for a large number of features of the health tracking, and other applications that facilitate development, as well as the payment service Apple Pay backed by hundreds of banks around the world.

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