7 things that make Android Q A Very Special

Yet to be revealed Google the first beta version of the Android system Q is already started in the access to the users with expectations that the launch of the new version officially in the second quarter of this year as is customary.

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As we also learned that the beta version is available for users of phones pixels only, but we advise you not to download them at the moment because it’s not suitable for daily use, it would be better to wait till after the conference of Google I/O, which we expect to be many new additions to the system, but now let us review with you the highlights of the new beta version.

First: the check in location data

Systems allow current Android apps that have access to your location knowing your location even when not in use, this is classed by Google in this version through a new option that lets you give the app this prayer only when you use it, but according to the some applications will continue to be able to know your location even when you get out to the main page or off the screen, but anyway is a step in the right way.

Secondly: the situation dark

We have seen in the past and the arrival of the dark mode into many applications due to its great importance, and that is why skip Google to bring the situation to the entire system, where we can note it in the trial version, but access is difficult compared to the applications supporting it, where allows you to activate Dark Mode through the battery saving mode that converts a lot of white backgrounds to black, and battery saving mode will do other things to improve the battery consumption such as turning off the app works in the background, etc., so it’s best to use it at all times.

Third: to facilitate the access to the settings

When you need any application to run any service from the settings like internet connectivity or Bluetooth or otherwise, opens you to the system window asking you to run this setup without having to go to the full settings menu and look for the service and activate it.

Fourth: estimate the time remaining of the battery

Keen, Google in the new version the attention to the steps regarding the battery, most notably are the show the estimated time remaining for the battery as soon as you pull the quick settings menu and pressing the icon of the battery percentage to display the remaining time until shipping, which is likely to be not entirely accurate due to the use of the phone among users.

Fifthly: customize the features and user interface

We noticed some improvements on the applicability of the customization user interface, such as colors and shape of icons, where you will notice the presence of four colors to choose between them in addition to the default color, and certainly it’s not as is the case with the level provided by OnePlus in regards to features, but it’s a pretty big step from Google.

Sixth: option of emergency

Easy Google access to emergency services which is one of the notable things in iOS system, so by adding some options for the emergency when you press and hold the power button.

Seventh: see the details of WiFi of QR codes

Containing the trial version on a smart way to share data adoption of WiFi is through the use of QR codes, so you don’t have to say the password aloud when you want to give it to someone, all you have to do is scan the QR code and he will have access to the WiFi directly.

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