7 ways to change out 5G the nature of the work environments

Representing the fifth-generation networks 5G the most important development in the history of mobile communication, so there is a global race to start the application, where the surge is real in all areas, as it will affect the way human life itself.

Thanks to improving internet connectivity, and the proliferation of apps work, the personnel in a large number of tasks are able to work from anywhere they want – in their home, or in a favorite cafe, or on a plane. also notes reports that they have become more productive and engaged than if they were in the office, and may be planning to stay in their jobs longer due to the flexibility of the location of their work.

In 2017; s (Nicolas Bloom) Nicholas Bloom, professor of economics at Stanford University, a study about work from home and its impact on staff productivity, the results show a spectacular increase in productivity, as the rate decreased staff turnover by 50%, they requested fewer sick leave, and holidays the standard.

Now; working from home are about to witness a paradigm shift, especially with the application of 5G and its ability to enable virtual reality in any place through (actually extended) Extended Reality which is defined simply as the XR, which is an umbrella includes: augmented reality, andvirtual reality, and mixed, and everything in between.

Will help communication networks of the fifth generation to provide the amazing range of products, services and new and innovative, thanks to the connection speeds up, and the response time faster, as it the more it became wireless connectivity faster, and less expensive, there will be new opportunities for many.

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Imagine being able to interact fully with everything that exists in the physical world, all from my home office, where the manager can factory in Seattle to negotiate with factory workers in Vietnam, it can be for executives to attend a conference in a conference room anywhere in the world, and doctors can even assist in surgical operations in hospitals remote directly from their homes or offices.

In other words: although access to basic internet allowed remote work, the generation network الخامس5G, and(fact, expanded) XR will carry out the work remotely as if in the real work environment almost.

For arrangements, working from home today: staff can perform a wide range of functions remotely, including: accounting, programming, graphic design, architecture, database management, and market research.

All of these jobs do not require the presence of the employee effectively in the workplace or dealing with material things such as equipment, production lines. It is therefore dealing with the devices or equipment will need to their potential both: 5G, XR, to be able to work remotely efficiently.

The following are 7 ways to change each of 5G, and in fact expanded XR the nature of the work:

1 – Bring the workplace to you:

It is known that to determine where we live depends on our workplace, but the proliferation of networks 5G, and indeed expanded XR will a lot of the performance of any aspect of our jobs from almost any location, including those that were required in previous physical existence or functions of the body, which frees us from confusion to stay in a specific place.

2 – will the specialists have multiple companies:

Now; wearing many employees work for one company because of the link with the geographic region in which they live, but in the future may be able to surgeons or doctors – associated with the currently hospital – specific work I have many hospitals all over the world.

It is also expected to see executives attending a meeting in New York, then move on to another meeting in Hong Kong at the same time without having to travel there, as two wage earners to buy two or more at one time. So can be achieved more professionals and specialists from all areas to the system (free labor) Freelancing.

3 – remote work will be better than the actual:

Will the 5G, and(fact, expanded) XR many managers to follow up on all branches instantaneous, as well as provide quick solutions for any problem arise, for example, will be able to factory manager in the United States, doing real-life experience of a bank branch in the state of another in actual time and follow any aspect of its operations, at any level of detail, where applications work the XR on the status of operational data, Diagnostic, Observation in hand, and ,thus, would be in a better position to do his job than anyone else at the website lacks his abilities and his experience.

4 – companies that train their employees on the use of technology will perform better:

You now large companies such as: Amazon, Wal-Mart, and AT&T, وJPMorgan Chase to provide its employees with many new skills which suited the new age of which depends on the artificial intelligence, andblock your chi, and quantum computing, androbots, as they will soon support all the new 5G, and indeed expanded, in particular.

You’ll be able to these companies of training of staff in any place, at any time, and on a global scale and with a degree of realism cannot be distinguished from experiential learning in the workplace. And, of course, will lead to better results for these companies.

5 – will companies figure out how to maintain cultures of the virtual:

With the reduced importance of the workplace fixed, businesses will face difficulty in maintaining the culture desired for the company, has faced international companies are already signs of this shift during the recent period, but in the future will become this problem regularly, even in smaller organization units, because the encounters between employees will increasingly.

6 – Change the relationship between companies, and staff:

Because more people will have the opportunity to work in multiple companies at one time, the relationship between companies and employees will change dramatically. How should the structure of the compensation package and benefits are? What about strategies to retain employees?

The truth is that companies that do how to take advantage of new technologies to follow the best methods in dealing with employees, including allowing them to operate other businesses at the same time, you will get the best people and therefore will achieve greater success, but will face a challenge regarding the structure of employment contracts to get the most out of high-performing employees.

7. increased fatigue job, the pressures of work:

Because 5G, applications XR will enable many employees to perform their tasks from anywhere, at any time of the adoption of the wrong they’re available to work on the clock. Who will have more than one company may be subjected to the pressure multiplier, and they have a lot of skill.

Today; it seems the world of the fifth-generation networks, and indeed expanded a bit far away, but when both technologies, will change the way we work drastically. Will the racing companies to build business models and operation that uses these technologies to create competitive advantage. While doing so, will change work environments are changing the concepts of our premises completely.

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