7 ways to interrupt the flow of telephone spam right now

Imagine the scene: someone calls you, you pick up the phone, and the other end you hear a voice: “Hello, you have the right to be free /here substitute any service according to the selection/ please don’t hang up”. Sound familiar? And well, if in this situation, you call people and not a robot. Man at least you can Express whatever you think about his company and ask you not to call. But how to prevent annoying junk calls? Let’s deal.

According to some estimates, spam calls amounted to 50% of the total telephone traffic in last 2018. Just a very big number, so with high probability we can say that every second or third user has faced this problem. So what to do?

1. To prevent the dial from unknown numbers

The most obvious function, which is easily found in the menu of any modern smartphone. However, what would happen if your friend or relative will change a room and want to communicate with you? There would be some problems. And from phone spammers it will not protect. Why? More on that below.

2. Automatically reject anonymous calls

Many offices dealing with telephone calls, have long realized that users don’t really want to communicate with them, so use an anonymous number that bypass method described in paragraph 1. Some cellular operators may have the function of blocking anonymous calls, so you can contact them and ask if it is possible its use under the existing tariff plan. But even if not, do not despair. Have the solution for you.

3. Use apps to block unwanted calls

Sure way to stop the nasty phone calls on your smartphone — use apps call blocking. These apps can identify who is calling you and block unwanted calls that appear in a constantly updated list of spam. These programs are very much on the trading floor of Google, so you can choose any you like from completely free to pay with tons of features and filters.

4. Some phones automatically block spam calls

Did you know that some smartphones already have built-in spam protection? For example, the flagship smartphone of Samsung the Galaxy and Note lines have a built-in feature is Smart Call which automatically displays and marks suspicious numbers. Android smartphones Google, such as Pixel, also have built-in protection from spam. With this feature enabled users caller ID will receive a warning if you suspect a spam call.

In addition to ignoring a call, the user has the option to either block the number or make it to the white list, if the spam was wrong. Any blocked number can be unlocked at any time.

5. Block specific phone numbers

The easiest but not the most effective method available on any smartphone. When a call comes in it and just block this caller you don’t care anymore. What is a minus? It’s simple: phone spammers often change numbers, and the already mentioned anonymous calls you it will not save. This method will be better suited for blocking certain Intrusive companies or people with whom you want to communicate.

6. Enable “do Not disturb”

To block all numbers except for selected contacts you can enable the built-in mode “do Not disturb”. This is an extreme solution, but it will definitely stop all unwanted calls, except those that you personally put in a list of valid.

7. Do not answer the phone

This is the simplest solution. If you get a call from an unknown number or numbers which does not appear in the caller ID, don’t answer. If it’s an important call people will leave a message and you will be able to continue communication.

But keep in mind: if you answer the call and you are asked to press a button to stop receiving calls, simply hang up. Scammers often use this technique to their advantage.

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