7 ways to prevent heat from damaging your iPhone

Since we are in the summer and the heat has become at its most intense, exposure to the iPhone or any other phone can lead to the destruction of internal components, the most important of which is the battery or external parts such as the screen. It is true that the iPhone will turn off on its own if it is exposed to a high temperature for a long time as a self-protection measure, but this does not prevent problems such as damage to the battery, especially if this happens several times. Here are 7 ways to prevent heat from damaging your iPhone or phone.

7 ways to prevent heat from damaging your iPhone

Good ventilation and not using a phone cover

IPhone covers prevent heat dissipation from the iPhone to the air or at least work to hinder it, so if your phone is exposed to heat, you have to remove the cover until the heat is dissipated, and it is better to remove it completely in such hot climates, especially if you are going to spend most of your day outside The house. And if you don't prefer this option, then you should at least get covers designed to help dissipate heat.

Use airplane mode often

Airplane mode is a good way to dissipate phone heat quickly. You can activate it directly from the control panel, so GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular data connections will be turned off at once. These things are considered as a constant drain on the battery and a constant source of heat generation for the iPhone, and this is of course through the processor that works on them.

Stop playing games on the hot phone

Today's mobile games represent a great deal of pressure on processors in phones, and thus generate more heat and continuous gameplay, which are the most things that cause the phone to overheat than anything else on it. By combining the heat generated by the processors due to gaming and the weather, this can destroy your phone or at least quickly damage the battery. Stop playing until the phone has cooled down, then try playing in air-conditioned conditions or in the shade and outdoors without a phone cover.

Also, never use the phone while charging, as this has an effect on overheating the phone and damaging its components. As well as damaging the charging port and the charger quickly due to the constant movement of the charger wire while using the phone, and this works to dismantle or break the connection legs.

And by referring to technicians specialized in phone maintenance, it was found that the increase in the phone's temperature due to the weather or due to a defect in one of the components of the motherboard negatively affects the battery and then damages it, and this is a major reason for its swelling as well.

Close applications

When you have apps open, many of them can still collect data in the background, like Facebook and Maps for example. This can result in unnecessary heat that all iPhone components have to deal with. So, keeping these apps closed can help your phone stay safe from overheating and heat.

When you are done using a specific application, make sure to close it completely. Close any apps that may be using location services, including Google Maps, after you are done using them.

Explanation : This advice is more suitable for Android phones, as iOS prevents applications from continuing to work in the background except for specific tasks; But in general, you should pay attention to the applications in the background, especially maps and navigation, so you may do navigation to a specific place, and here iOS will allow the application to work; But if you're done pause the app and navigation to save your device's heat and of course the battery.

Do not place your phone in hot places

Leaving your phone in your car, for example, is completely unpopular, so you should pay attention to that. Also, avoid keeping your phone in a bag or box, if it will be exposed to the scorching rays of the summer for a while. Also, do not put the phone under your pillow while you sleep, try to get rid of this habit.

Do not combine your phone with other electronic devices

All your devices generate heat and even after turning them off it takes time to cool down, and we do not want to make matters worse, so do not put your phone on top of a MacBook, for example, or a laptop, so you should get rid of this habit as well. When putting electronic devices in a backpack, for example, do not put them next to each other, but keep them separate from each other.

Keep your phone out of the sun, and do not put it in the freezer

Keep your phone in the shade as much as possible, and use it less when you are out in the sun (on beaches or swimming pools, for example). If the iPhone shuts down and you are alerted and warn about the temperature, turn it off immediately to help it cool down as quickly as possible.

Also, never put your phone in the fridge or freezer. You might think of this solution, and it is a good idea when the phone is exposed to heat, but be aware that cold temperatures can damage the battery as well, and rapid temperature fluctuations can lead to rapid damage.

Is your phone overheating? Or exposed to heat before that? What did you do to get it to cool down quickly? Let us know in the comments.



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