75% of the owners of the phones Pixel using the Android System 9 Bay

Things that come on Android compared with iOS of Apple TV is slow the spread of and new releases, but mostly it is companies, not users, as most of the companies add the user interface on the new versions of Android also some modifications, which leads to delayed release of the updates.

So, it is the things that improves upon the owners of phones Pixel of Google is the speed of getting new versions of Android system. So it of the main causes of the entry of Google in the market for gear is to solve the problem of the delay in the launch of Android updates.

If you’re someone who improves the owners of the phones Pixel, you should know that a large percentage of them don’t appreciate the blessing that enhance them, as the official disclosed that about 75% of the users of the phones Pixel upgraded to the Android System 9 eBay, what means that 25% of them still use the older version.

Although three quarters of the owners of the phones Pixel use Android 9 eBay, But the last numbers to siege the Android system did not include this version means its share is still below 1%, this is normal because the phones Pixel does not constitute something compared to the market of Android phones is huge, has sold Google in the past year to 3.9 million phones only.

What do you think of this fabric? Do you wish to have your phone Pixel to get Android updates quickly? Let me know in the comments.

The 75% of the owners of the phones Pixel using the Android System 9 Bay have been published first in are.

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