76 a terrible picture met her drones

Starting drones to emerge in the military before moving to the hands of everyone drops their price so much that they reach a wider audience with a growing number of uses.

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It was the design of this first aircraft are just toys annoying, before moving aircraft drones modern-occupied with the camera advanced features and techniques installed to allow work outside the home and a large of its.

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With the increasing demand for these aircraft, intensified competition between companies for making models more advanced and capable air navigation better, has led to these improvements to expand the field of aerial photography, including change from the perspective of our world and increases the ease of getting the featured images to use the press or personal.


This has come a community SkyPixel for aerial photography factory aircraft DJI for photography contest an annual event involving more than 27,000 photos from 131 different countries through 2017, we show you some here, and watch the rest of the group via Click here.

www.dronestagr.amwww.dronestagr.amwww.dronestagr.amIMG_20170507_204844_281-1200x80017-04-06MGdrone_0282-1200x800annonce-1200x800At anchorTo wear a colorLighthouse and sunsetFree. Ride.HighwaySunflowers in BloomDrone above the FogMarina PortomasoThe Greatness of Man through the centuries…The city under the cold daysHong Kong3rd Prize - Category Places - Tulip fileds by Anders@andersa.com2nd Prize - Popular Prize - Plovidv Bulgaria by Svetlin Marinov low res

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