8 apps and games Android paid becoming free temporarily (10)

Waiting in the store Google Play apps and games paid heavily funded, which makes its developer it free for a limited time, and we’ll show you dear follow tic Voight in this series group of them, so be on Near always!

Note: applications and games let the Opposition below will be available for free for a limited time, has become paid back if what I read in the late, also that the application developer may have to specify certain states have to offer.

First: applications

HD Camera Pro

This app will turn your phone into a professional camera, which enables full control of exposure, focus, white balance and ISO other features like the camera is professional, so that lets you take pictures of professional.

Original price 4.3$ – available now for free: download here.

TODO New Missions

This app lets you organize tasks that the pulse of its implementation, as its features allow you to write the assignment neatly and orderly on the form of a list, and you’ll need to check it from time to time to remember the tasks that you have in a simplified manner.

The original price is 2.3$ – available now for free: download here.

Oreo – Icon Pack

This app is actually a package icon for the apps, so that lets you replace the icons of different applications to Icon new in the Oreo.

The original price 1.36$ – available now for free: download here.

MyLog – Diary + Notes + Pocket

A simple application for daily notes, so that lets you write notes and tasks that you don’t want to forget, with the possibility of adding links and support closing insight.

The original price of 0.41$ – available now for free: download here.

Text sticker maker for whatsapp

This app lets you create industry sticker for WhatsApp, which allows you to create a list of lines with the possibility of contamination it is attractive to publish them and share them with your friends application WhatsApp.

The original price of 0.28$ – available now for free: download here.

Soundmax sound

Do you need to raise the volume level on your phone Android? This app allows that, where it allows to obtain the best possible sound to watch and listen to the music well, with noise reduction and Echo for the best experience of use.

The original price is 1.52$ – available now for free: download here.

Secondly: games

Mine World :VIP

This game has some tasks that need to be implemented to search for precious metals rare, so that when the discovery of rare metals hidden in the depth of the organization will increase your wealth and hence may become the richest man in the world.

The original price is 1.16$ – now available for free: download here.

Little Stars 2.0

Strategy game space in real time, so that your goal is to conquer all the systems of the success of the work which entered the latest chaos and wars.

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