8 free tools to protect against hijackers dark web

8 free tools to protect your company from hacker dark web


It is the month of October! Which means we’re in the month of (month of awareness of e – Cybersecurity Awareness Month) in the United States. This campaign aims to increase awareness of the threats to cyber security, and enhance among citizens and organizations, providing the resources necessary to protect themselves on the internet, through education and the exchange of good practices. To represent this awareness campaign is now in its fifteenth annual A valuable opportunity for security solutions. Where allow it to offer its products and pay the people/companies who are not taking cyber security seriously to take a closer look.


And tools the Cyber Security Council and one of the ways to achieve this goal, allowing those companies to look deeper and help in the analysis of their weaknesses and start formulating a plan more secure on the internet.


Say (Stu Sjouwerman), CEO of KnowBe4, a

“The report of the data breach, issued by the company Verizon Verizon for the current year, which was highly appreciated, found that the vast majority of intrusions result from messages phishing e -, and those that entice the user to test trial versions of software suspicious.”


Know to months methods of phishing in the world (and how to protect yourself from them) :: Part (1) (2)

And his company, KnowBe4 -it is one of the eight that we reviewed today – a free tool for e-mail addresses and domain names that may be used in the Dark Web (Dark Web), in addition to other tools aimed at informing companies about the basics of deep packet inspection (a preventative step against one of the most popular digital communication tools used by terrorist groups)



8 free tools to protect your company from hacker dark web

It Downloads Arbitrary File Security

The company provides it downloads arbitrary file from Security Technologies tools two free:


The development of the tool the first of which carried the name of the (SMiShing), followed by more detailed examples of messages of e-mail phishing.

While riding level #2 on the basics of programs ransomware (Ransomware).

And offers Level #3 (and last) Important Tips to protect shoppers online holiday shopping season was the end of the year.

The development of the second tool, which bears the name of Best Behavior Bingo, for businesses that possess a higher level of consciousness.

And to explain the foundations of phishing and identity theft. From there you can move on to other topics, such as safety tips for Internet of Things devices and add authentication to email accounts, and social networking sites, and financial accounts.

Subject matter you: ThingBots defined and how we hold devices (IoT) in our homes?





Added company KnowBe4 extensive list of security tools to its website, where you will find security experts drop-down list includes nine free tools, most notably:

Test phishing protection – Phishing Security Test/ which allows the company to conduct (test for trolling) for up to 100 users. Within 24 hours, you will get the company on a PDF file that includes the percentage and charts for design.

Might want companies also experience Domain Doppleganger/ a modern tool the manufacturer provided two weeks ago.

Will receive users –also – a PDF file within 24 hours of all the scope of their kindred.

Finally, we have Ransomware Simulator/ interactive this tool 13 infected with a virus (software Ransomware-Ransomware) and virus take advantage of the resources of the device in mining (crypto mining), and then submit a report of the vulnerabilities.



ERP Maestro


ERP Maestro

Analyze risk control activity (ARM), of the company, ERP Maestro, all internal threats existing in the environment of SAP, and monthly updates about the data the company stores.

Take the preparation of the report less than an hour, users can download the desktop application and connect SAP systems to the tool.

He stated that 75% of cyber threats at the present time resulting from gaps internal.

However, risk control active manually is a waste of time, as it is not accurate.

So ARM provides a way to automate the process and give businesses a way to address the weaknesses of the interior, which give inventors the possibility of unauthorized access.






The company provides LogRhythm Analysis tool network free (NetMon Freemium) administrators can networks through its data retention for up to three days. And the tool to conduct deep analysis for it can use metadata associated with the work of the network.

It provides data very detailed, for example in addition to the data of the HTTPS / SSL to provide information that links metadata to a specific location, such as Pandora or Buzzfeed.

Network administrators can also define alarms related to the data traffic with high sensitivity (such as credit card data).






The company offers to its users a tool STAXX free, which gives them access to any of the systems of exchange of information about threat and compliant with STIX / TAXII.
(Systems common to share information cyber security).


The tool supports metrics STIX version 1.0) and 2.0), in addition to the web portal to explore indicators of compatibility (IOCs). We can think of the tool STAXX as a fairly quick and easy to begin to understand the cyber threats.







The platform provides Neuralys central control panel illustrating the weaknesses of the company, and the latter according to the priority order to prioritize the functions of risk management, and the product is designed from the ground up as support tools for current security. Can Neuralys import / export risks or vulnerabilities (security tools) or (screening programs hack) within the device in seconds using the local Nessus facilities.


The free version includes, up to 20 items, and specify one storage area to be secured (external, internal), access to these features by 5 users.







Company offers Onapsis tools free are:


Bizploit: framework for risk control activity )as a company offering ERP Maestro), which is open source.


Onapsis Integrity Analyzer: local health data to SAP.


Help Bizploit in improving the experience of discovery, exploration, vulnerability assessment and exploitation penetration testing SAP specialist.


While the development of local health data SAP to help SAP customers to protect their systems from unauthorized modifications to programs ABAP*, which, if not discovered, could be used in developing portals background within the SAP system, allowing hackers to manipulate in significant business operations, steal sensitive information remotely.






Launched Detexian its small and medium business, which works to detect security threats in real-time.

The product uses artificial intelligence to automate the task of scanning the data records in search of problems, introduced the report of the threats to the Department’s security system, and to propose actions in response to the alerts.

Perhaps it is difficult to have system administrators time for stuff like this, but that tool can be an effective way to improve the offensive early, which significantly reduces costs.


*) Are more languages used to develop applications (SAP)


Sources of help for the (1) (2)

The source of the sound of


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