8 games paid become temporarily free on Android and iPhone

There are many paid apps in both the Google Play and App Store free for a limited time, this best deals available today knowing that the offers the App Store can’t figure out for her.:

Hitman Sniper (1

You say in this game without the mask he is entrusted the functions of the assassination of the famous characters, through the about 150 mission requires you to assassinate a key figure and several other objectives secondary, and you can upgrade your weapons or buy new weapons, including the freezing of funds.

Available for unlimited on Android

2) AngL

Game-type puzzles, the goal is simple: each level includes the balls, the player must deliver it to the diamond. Balls will be fixed in a specific position to the beginning of each level and moving always in a straight line when released, but before release you must adjust the setting triangles for the path of the ball so that it will connect eventually to the diamond, knowing that the collision of the balls with the Triangle and makes it bounce at an angle always be vertical; you may have to explain the goal of the game is hard, but understand the idea and easy once you experience the game.

Available for one day on Android

3) Black Metal Man

If you like running games without end, maybe you like the game trying to run from light to dark, you can skate with energy and the use of motorcycles.

Available for 7 hours on Android

4) Dungeon Defense

For fans of roleplaying games, I got the game on the evaluation of 4.8/5, said more than 30 thousand people provide 5/5. In short: you and a bunch of bad guys to protect the last dungeon in the kingdom of heroes who launch raids; easy control on characters and projectiles with a single click, you can increase your level and expand your abilities and the elements of the group like most roleplaying games, as there are several phases to play.

Available for two days on Android, he is not known on iOS

5) Warhammer: Doomwheel

Take in this game the role of the engineer who designed the vehicle to a devastating attack by the enemies and challenge them to a game can be considered from the running games that have no end but the detail is much greater.

Available on Android and iOS

6) Linia

Of games puzzles, you must establish the sequence of colors of drawing a line through the colored patterns of different colors, the mechanism of play similar to Fruit Ninja, but the game is more complicated than just drawing a line, open the output accuracy and speed of tightening.

Available on Android and iOS

7) Lines the Game

The game got on the recommendation of editors at Google Play, you have to put a certain point in the drawing to start the launch of color waiting to purchase fonts, and to win, it must be the color that you put it more prevalent than the color of the opponent.

Available on Android and iOS

8) Slidercrash

A puzzle game, the goal of which move in columns and mirrors and switches and transport and other shopping in the circles colorful and make it disappear as the video shows; you have the number of moves given for each level, and if you notice the easier levels you can challenge players online.

Available on iOS

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