8 great games for Android temporarily free

Now is an excellent time to install on your tablet or smartphone a new game. The thing is that some of the games for which developers usually want to get well-deserved payment, for a limited time are free. Hurry up. Check out our list and maybe you will have time free to download one of these video game masterpieces.

  • Hitman Sniper (regular price: 29 roubles)
  • Parkour Flight (normal price: 75 roubles)
  • Cartoon City: farm and town (normal price 59 rubles)
  • Can You Escape — Fear House PRO (regular price: 30 roubles)
  • Simulator freelancer: Game Developer Edition (regular price: 15 roubles)
  • Hunting for lost treasure (normal price: 199 roubles)
  • Dots Sync — Symmetric brain game (normal price: 129 rubles)
  • Descent: Death Valley (regular price: 25 roubles)

Remember that all this is temporary action. Discounts will not wait for you forever, so if you liked one of the games or all at once, try and not wait. And you can watch for discounts.

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