8 information and facts -not available – on the site of the Conference of the TED

There are some sites of electronic (or digital) which is itself a sea of knowledge and science which may drown the human center of the ripple appears without up to the beach the other, of those sites the TED website (TED.com) which is the digital home of the foundation and the Conference of TED, the annual, the ones that bring ideas from inside the minds of for online to millions of people around the world.

Through the following lines, we will get some information about the location of the Conference on TED and explore some of the facts that you may not know a lot of fans of this product and civilians watch a video of her.

1. The idea started from the tea party in 1984

Yes that’s right, that was the date that set off the idea, he launched the initiative of someone called Richard (Richard Saul Wurman), who is an architect and graphic designer American, born in 1935, he has many accomplishments and some initiatives, won several awards and chaired some conferences before the launch of the TED conference.

Why does having Richard of the Conference of the TED long, Chris Anderson and his Foundation (the Sapling Foundation) to purchase this conference (in 2001) to be based from then until the present day.

This picture shows co-founder (left photo) and new (right image) in the anniversary of the 30 founding the TED conference, has been hosted Richard on this occasion were then directed this question to him: How does it feel to see your child has reached thirty years? (Image source: blog TED official)

  • Source: tedxsydney

2. The owner TED is a native of a remote village in Pakistan

Chris Anderson is the current owner, TED, was born in a remote village in Pakistan in 1957, his parents were from the medical missionaries, he started his first travelling between Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, but ended up at the University of Oxford from which he graduated, he started his career as a journalist and then entered the field of electronic publishing and then founded the first company in the field of publishing with a loan from the Bank in the amount of 25 thousand dollars.

The right of Chris fortune in publishing and the media, he is the founder of the company (Future US) taken from the San Francisco-based, which owns magazines and websites. number in the areas of popular, the most important Games (the owner of the site of PC Gamer), and he also founded before that of the company (Imagine Media) launched the site of the famous games (IGN).

After this success there is a “Chris” to create a non-profit organization is (Sapling Foundation), which acquired TED in 2001 to tell them after “Chris” to leave the position of the former to devote himself to the development and management of the TED conference.

  • Source: Chris Anderson in Wikipedia

3. The founder of the TED foundations of another conference in the name of TEDMED

The conference TEDMED is an annual conference specializing in the field of health and medicine, founded by “Richard Saul;” and who founded the TED conference original, has been launched for the first time in 1998 (before selling his property for TED a few years), this has been the goal of the conference is to assemble the geniuses in the field of technology in health care.

As is the case with the TED conference, gave up Richard on the ownership of the conference in 2008 his company’s founder “mark modem debate” which led the Conference for several years and then sold the rights to pioneer the work of another in 2011.

  • Source: TEDMED in Wikipedia

4. The cost of attending the Conference of $ 10 thousand dollars and is severe

While you can benefit from TED Talks via the website free of charge, however the cost to get the annual membership (which enables the individual to attend the conference) start at 5 thousand dollars and up to $ 250 thousand for the participation of care that gives more features and supports a period of the longest (five years).

Regular Membership (Standard membership) cost $ 10 thousand, and must be booked early because demand is HIGH on the memberships and seats are limited, despite that, only that there is a membership cheaper; $ 5 thousand dollars, but it is dedicated only to scientists, artists and owners of excellence and innovation in their field, which is given to a person only once.

The next conference (TED2019) will be held in Vancouver in Canada in April 2019, although the material is still relatively far away, however, ended the regular reducer may run out and a few of the memberships (the Donor) that costs 25 thousand dollars per capita.

  • Source: TED Conference

5. More than 2600 lecture translated into Arabic

There are more than 100 languages translated lectures to it, though; however, Arabic language is one of the most languages that had a large number of lectures, translated them, the total number of lectures within the platform TED wins 2800, translated them into Arabic is more than 2600 lecture, and this is thanks to the efforts of volunteer translators (who we’ll talk about them later).

  • Source: Our languages

6. There are more than 1,200 volunteers contributed to the translation of the lectures into Arabic

The number of volunteers who contributed to the translation of some of those lectures into Arabic is a large number, it is true that a lot of them contributed to the translation of a few lectures, but that their names had been stored in a database translators, and has his personal page within the site contains some personal information and a list of lectures that translate or see translated.

Anyone can require it to the translators of the lectures within the organization, in the page of translators, you will know that the number of producers reached more than 30 thousand translators from several countries and cultural backgrounds around the world, there is also a special code interpreters TED Talks, events and various reports in several places in the world, and finally this page to apply to join the community of translators of TED Talks.

Gets translated/are the full text of the lecture (Transcript), then translate the textual content into your native language, then you review it translated by one of the expert translators (who translate more than 90 minutes of visual content), and the latter is the recent approval by one of the coordinators of accredited or one of the team members and published in the page lecture mentions the name of the translator and a link to a profile page within the page.

  • Source: TED Translators

7. The property is a possibility click inside the written text

Useful features in the website which benefit particularly wanted to develop my English, is that the text accompanying each lecture is a text clickable, and when clicking on any phrase will move the video player directly to that phrase, the viewer can listen to the sentences again and again.

This property has been addressed and explained in a special video was published in YouTube:


8. There are more than 100 thousand lecture TEDx

The idea of the TED conference have been reproduced thousands of times and it’s still spreading virally in the world, where cities have become the world today is infested with the likes of the TED conference or the so-called TEDx.

TEDx is a conference similar to the conference the original, I took the Permits from the original institution and delivered annually to independent institutions or even individuals, provided they obtain a permit (free) from the foundation for TED, there are many universities that restrict their annual conference, there are conferences, the names of the cities, and with different names, and you may find several TEDx is within the same city.

There is a Official page dedicated to Monitoring TEDx you will find more than 26 thousand earlier conference, as you know page a graduate of the interactive of the dates of the upcoming conferences and the names of conferences that rotates in the same day or in the following days. Can watch the lectures and TEDx through the official channel in YouTube.

Finally …

That was some information about this Corporation giant, which has affected and affects in the digital content industry, and the community of human minds that engage the world with their ideas possible and experience the rich which become available free of charge to anyone who has a connection to the internet, and on the individual, but the uptake of that fat content of which does not lead to fatness of the flesh, but to the mind and to the development of life, whether their personal life or the life of the community, the general community requires effectively had inspired his youth.

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