8 scientific reasons behind the infidelity

Betrayal is did ugly is afraid of husbands, partners, passion, but nothing comes from the void, there is always a motive behind treason, have tried researchers at the University of Maryland America to track the motives of the betrayal of the real, through the study of the 562 case of adults, admitted that they were not loyal to the length of the line in their romantic relationships.

And responded to the participants in the study nearly 80 questions, allowed the researchers to identify 8 causes of fundamental science behind infidelity and emotional, the most prominent results were recorded by the researchers that the motives of men’s betrayal was confined mostly in the sexual desire and the desire for development, while the motives of the betrayal of women stooping over in neglect.

According to the researchers, the most notable 8 Reasons for marital infidelity are as follows:

  • Anger and to take revenge from the partner for his betrayal, on the way one one.
  • Sexual desire, a sense of dissatisfaction about sex in the relationship, and the desire to experience something new.
  • The absence of love and the loss of the passion of the partner.
  • Negligence, failure to share enough love and respect and attention between partners.
  • Think about the commitment and responsibilities, so that they feel one of the parties that more effort in the relationship from the other without receiving vs. emotional like him.
  • Emergency Situations unusual, such as sugar or leave.
  • Feeling important, where you can walk around the mission to many sexual relations to the sense that desirable.
  • Development, and the desire to experience sex with as many partners as possible emotional.

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