8 special and exciting phone OnePlus 7 Pro won’t find any iPhone

There are no leading smartphones surprise when it is announced these days, because most of the details main cause in very early to issue any formal declarations. This applies particularly to the OnePlus 7 Pro, announced officially recently, but leaked all the details even the prices earlier, and did not leave anything at all as a surprise to us when the official announcement.

Is OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone most speed and most stylish in the current time. Where he focused the new phone provide better performance than the other phones of the competition available on the market, and in this article you will find 8 distinctive and sexy new phone that can’t be found in any iPhone, including iPhone modern.

Full screen

Do you remember when Apple announced the iPhone X for the first time in 2017, its slogan was “full screen – it’s all screen” is? Yes the phone was a bigger screen, but the screen wasn’t full, and it still is.

With a screen constituted 82.9% of the front end, this means that the iPhone X away from being described as carrying a full screen. In fact, it wasn’t even the largest of phones, some launched the year 2017, and enjoy the iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX that launched last year with the same design.

But when it comes to phone OnePlus 7 Pro, it already comes with a full. The phone needs a flagship to a curved screen similar to those found phone Galaxy S10, and there are no slots for camera in the screen. The result? Phone with the best design for screen we’ve seen so far, from my perspective at least.

Front camera mechanical ( pop-up )

There are a few smartphones available on the market today that come equipped with front camera mechanical pop-up, and a phone OnePlus 7 Pro flagship is the latest smartphone that has brought this new feature.

The front camera is inside the phone near the top edge. The sooner it is open the front camera from the app, they are automatically linked in a TSMC company as the”elevator mechanism”, then return the camera to its position within the phone as soon as you finish using it, it is necessary in conjunction with the facial recognition, and takes a fraction of a second to raise or lower them, so still use the facial recognition feature fast reasonably on the phone.

There is a downside to a clear design of the camera the pop-up, which is quite inevitable. This camera will always be more prone to breakage compared with the still camera mounted above the screen, like most phones or in her fixed like a Galaxy S10.

Tell OnePlus that they tested running the front camera to more than 300,000 times, which means that they must continue to work without a problem for 5 years if you use it 150 times a day, but there is no what can be done when you enter the dirt area of the camera.

As for the damage when falling, it is certainly possible also. But OnePlus has reached a wonderful feature to protect the camera from damage resulting from falling. Using the sensor built in the phone, the phone can sense when it falls, and automatically hide the camera if it was running, the company said it tested this feature more than 10 times and found it works every time without fail.

Fingerprints under the screen

Last year when I started this feature to appear, everyone wanted to be available in his smart phone next. Now, after becoming widely available in a number of smart phones is common, the feelings are mixed.

Regardless of which side tend to him, the OnePlus One 7 Pro has a fingerprint reader within the screen larger by 36%, and 62% faster than the footprint of the phone OnePlus 6T which was launched last year, which is something you won’t find in any iPhone.

The refresh rate of 90 Hz

When Apple announced the launch of the first iPad Pro with a ProMotion rate of update for the 120 Hz in 2017, there was an expectation that the iPhone screen at a rate of refresh 120 Hz won’t be far away. Came two generations of iPhone since then, but the screen supports 120 Hz still does not exist. Still iPhone smooth significantly with a refresh rate of 60 Hz of course, but the OnePlus to miss on the Apple TV.

OnePlus launches the phone screen on the OnePlus 7 Pro that comes with size 6.67 QHD+ with a”Fluid AMOLED”, which refers to the increased speed afforded by the refresh rate of 90 Hz, which is the first smartphone in the World screen Olid rate update 90 Hz.

A wide-angle lens

Enjoy your iPhone the smart one of the best cameras available on smart phones was rampant in the years before losing its superiority in favour of companies like Huawei and Google and Samsung, and still she could not miss her after, and the year 2019 the expansion of the gap.

Can now be calculated OnePlus among the companies that own the Telephone Pioneer beats the iPhone in the camera department, at least in some respects. One of these sections is the field of vision, thanks to the wide lens phone OnePlus 7 Pro.

Main camera in the new phone come strictly 48 Maps, adding to the camera accurately 16 maps a lens wide adhere to a far more respectable than you’ll get from the camera of the iPhone without use the Panorama, girl, f / 2.2 allows you a lot of light to capture all the detail in those shots natural.

Zen Mode

I’ve made every maker of smart phones features designed to help people reduce the excessive use of smart phones, but did not hit any other company to the extent that the OnePlus Chinese.

When enabled, a Zen, the smart phone becomes non-valid for 20 minutes until it is able to the user to take a break from his phone. And when I say unusable, I mean really not valid, since there is no way to amend the situation as soon as activated, even reboot does not give the situation, not in front of the user’s choice but to wait for 20 minutes.

Note: there are some nurses that are leaving it available when you activate the mode, as a possibility to take pictures and videos, the possibility of receiving calls and calling.

Storage memory type UFS 3.0, and the RAM 12 is

Is the OnePlus 7 Pro is the first smartphone available to travel, provided with an internal memory of type UFS 3.0, and the company says that the new memory is faster by about nine times the memory UFS 2.1 found in other phones like the iPhone, it is worth mentioning that the Samsung phone rollaway comes with the memory UFS 3.0, but it is not currently available.

In addition, the OnePlus 7 PRO memory random “RAM” up to 12 gigabytes, a capacity three times greater than the memory capacity of the available RAM phones iPhone modern.

Charging strongly 30 watts

Is the shipping speed is one of the things that don’t seem that Apple is interested in their improvement and compete against other companies. Support the latest iPhone speed wired charging and wireless faster than older phones, but they are still far from suitable for Android phones leading.

Still OnePlus 7 Pro does not support wireless charging, which raises the anger. Alternatively, instead of the company users speed wired charging up to 30 watts, thanks to technology OnePlus Warp Charge 30 fastest growing by 38% of the fast charging technology phones last year, it is also almost two times faster than iPhone modern, which allows charging at a speed of 18 watts.

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