8 things you can do with Google Pay

Has a very long cash are not the only method of payment for goods and services. And if we talk about security, that paper money is pretty much losing at least the same credit cards. But in the age of modern technology system like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay allow you do not carry a purse. It was the last (but not worst) the payment system from this list we will talk today.

Contactless payment system Google is extremely convenient, but not all of its functions well-known to a wide circle of users.

Paying by phone in stores

Perhaps something for which many people use Google Pay. In order to take advantage of all the delights of a contactless payment system, you only need to add your credit or debit card to the app on the smartphone.

Find out where you can use Google Pay

Have you ever wondered whether that particular place Google Pay? For this you don’t have to ask the facility staff or to seek information on the Internet. All you need to do is to enable location tracking in the app. By enabling this feature, Google will help you find out where you can use the payment system.

Send money with Google Pay

Did you know that you can send and receive money, knowing only the email address or phone number? Using Google Pay you can easily send money to anyone your friend or relative (provided that they also have Google Pay).

Adding additional levels of security

Google Pay protects your payment information several additional levels of security and do not share your credit card number. Thus, instead of give the card number, the app reports when buying a unique encrypted code.

Keep loyalty cards in one place

Any modern man accumulates a mass of cards to use of bonuses at different establishments from shops to cafes and restaurants. You do not need to carry all those cards with you. Adding these cards to the app not only lighten your wallet, but also ensures that you won’t forget anything and the card will always be at your fingertips.

Payment applications

If you are going to purchase a product or service-enabled application Google Pay, you can do it. It is quick and easy. At the moment the list is not large, but growing every day.

The use of banking services

Google Pay works with almost all major banks of our planet. And many banking applications are integrated with Google Pay, Bank transfers and pay bills. In addition, if the ATM is equipped with a NFC chip, you likely can use your phone instead of plastic card to withdraw cash.

Connection Google Pay to PayPal

PayPal is a fast and very common method of payment. So what if some services do not support Google Pay, you can integrate one payment system to another.

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