80% of Android apps encryption browse users

Google unveiled an interesting statistic indicating that 80% of Android apps now encrypt internet traffic of its users by default thanks to the security layer TLS.

Is considered the TLS encryption protocol used by all scopes that are considered encrypted users visit HTTPS. When encryption is browse users it can not all external objection so that they know the IP addresses of the users and what applications or sections within the application that connects to suggest.

The Google has provided the application developers to set the connection settings to users of their applications without having to modify the source code to the since the launch of Android 7 three years ago.

With the launch of Android 9 last year the policy has become mandatory for all developers so that moving to HTTPS connections are encrypted by default.

Now 90% of all applications that use Android phones 9 and 80% of all Android apps are generally encrypted browsing data of its users by default.

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