85 the application and play the plunge to Android devices advertising

Did Google remove 85 application and games from Play Store, after the report of the security company Trend Micro, which expose the included software malicious cause flooding devices Android ads.

Focus software or malware on the imposition of the advertising display status fill the screen, and in general working in the background without the note the user, until it gets a publisher of the declaration on the profits of doubling -albeit illegal – and usually can’t get rid of these apps easily.

Speaking of 85 to apply, according to Trend Micro, they remain at a standstill for 30 minutes after install, then choose the icon of the application and tie in short on the Home screen, if the user cancel the install by drag-and-drop wouldn’t be practical really.

As you say apps designed selection of times of display ads professionally, taking advantage of the functionality of the device in the appropriate terms, such that the device is open and connected to the internet.

The report adds that the devices that run Android systems 8 or newer in relative safety, where requested systems the user’s permission before creating the app testing service, which may raise doubt about the application.

Although Google has removed apps from the Play Store, it means that removed from users ‘ computers necessarily, as we mentioned, the withdrawal of a test application and drop it when the Uninstall option will not benefit, so will not remain a solution only to lose the department installed applications from the Settings app and remove the app from there.

Finally, you can see a list of apps and games source from the list: click here.

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