9 best relaxing games for Android

We ужt talked about quick, a detective, beautiful, and other types of games for Android. Today it’s time to relax and our collection will only quiet games for enjoying beautiful graphics and gameplay. They are exciting, but drop the emotion, like in Call Of Duty they failed. So just tune to the appropriate way of the day, pour yourself a warm cocoa or cold lemonade, depending on your weather and enjoy the gameplay. In the end video games and need to relax.

Sometimes you just want to relax. Even playing games on a smartphone.

The contents

Quiet games for Android

Advantage of games this collection is that most of them do not imply the insane dynamics and any time limits. You will just play and enjoy the process. In some cases, the games include individual play, to do everything that you want. In any case, almost everyone will find in the collection something interesting.

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure is almost normal runners

In these games the players have to get down the mountain. There’s no classic for runners nervyak. All relaxed and you’ll even have time to enjoy the beautiful nature. You need to avoid obstacles and collect various items. Games are beautiful, minimalistic graphics and smooth gameplay.

Even if the main plot will seem too dynamic, you have a special Zen mode, which allows you to skate for fun. There will be no obstacles, no need to collect items.

Download Alto’s Odyssey
Download Alto’s Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure — skiing too

Grand Mountain Adventure — another relaxing ski game. Unlike the previous, it will have no 2D and 3D graphics. In addition to the graphics the game will also be very smooth and pleasant.

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The game has goals and objectives, but you can ride without them, just enjoying the process. Of course, if you’re soaking in it. There are no restrictions on time or energy. The game also includes controller support, a system of tricks and several different slopes. Part of the bottom free, but the rest will have to pay.

Download Grand Mountain Adventure

I Love Hue and I Love Hue Too — a game about the shades

These games have a really relaxing gameplay. In the first game you mix colors to create the full color palette. It contains 900 levels and none of them have time limits or something like that.

The second game adds geometric dimension and some other tests. They both look very premium and worry about in-game purchases are not worth it. You can just play and have fun.

Download I Love Hue
Download I Love Hue Too

Minecraft — the Minecraft

Minecraft — unusual game. There are two modes and frankly, none of them cause stress in the slightest degree. The first is creative mode, in which you can do whatever you want, without restrictions. The second mode is survival mode.

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You would think that the survival mode is stressful, but once you will find food and build their first shelter, everything will very easily and safely. In the game there are plenty of different ways to spend time. You can extract, create, build, or to seek adventure as much as you want. Plus, the multiplayer aspect will allow you to play with friends.

Download Minecraft

Monument Valley — a classic in two parts

Monument valley — the iconic puzzle game for smartphone. Someone will say that its time has passed, but she still is still in the top and very well played. It uses puzzles and nice graphics for a hobby player.

Detective stories and other mystical games for Android

You will need to navigate through the levels, introducing distortion. There is no system of accrual of points or time limits — you can not rush and just play. Both games pay, but in General they are the same. This is not what you can’t part. Play them both nice.

Download Monument Valley
Download Monument Valley 2

My Oasis Season 2 — a game about placing blocks to rest

My Oasis Season 2 will not require you any difficult passage. Its main goal is to just rest. You will build the island from scratch. You will need to create and build structures, trees, flowers and even animals.

In addition to the enjoyable gameplay, the game is not deprived of a great soundtrack. I have the feeling that the developers confuse about this and elaborate the audio component.

Download My Oasis Season 2

Prune farmer, but not ”Farm”

Prune is one of the classical relaxation games for Android. You basically grow and take care of the tree while it grows. You start with a small sapling, then you saipaia on the screen and ensure the growth of plants.

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The game ends when you reach the light and the plant starts to bloom. In the game 48 levels, relaxing soundtrack and simple but beautiful graphics. In General, sometimes you have to work on speed, but you can pass the levels many times.


Shadowmatic — almost theatre of shadows

Shadowmatic is a elegant puzzle game. It is best to play it on the big screen, but it is not critical. You will need to move the pieces to get the correct shadows. It may be a shadow of something, but certainly not an abstract blur.

Rotate the shapes in any direction, but the main thing to achieve results. The game includes over 100 levels, surprisingly good graphics and a hint system if something gets out of control. You can play free or for money. Then decide for yourself.


Stardew Valley — help the inhabitants

Stardew Valley — farming simulator , and perhaps he is the best. Players are in a dilapidated farm, and they must return it in working condition. There are also a lot of other things, such as to marry, to fish and complete quests for the inhabitants of the nearest village.

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So you get something like a life simulator. The whole game is very relaxing, because there’s no rush and you will not have to do something on time. The game is paid, but gives you up to 50 hours of game time that is not very small.

Download Stardew Valley

Zenge is a puzzle items

Zenge is another atmospheric puzzle game that does not take from the state of serenity. It has no points, no statistics, no extra pokatok, no books, no counter of moves, or any other distractions. You can just go and play.

This is a pretty classic puzzle game. Players start the level with a bunch of different forms, and it will be necessary to ”restore order”. The game also has a very cool soundtrack, and despite the fact that it is paid, its price is not very high. At the time of writing and it was distributed with 50% discount.

Download Zenge

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