9 functions that Android should borrow from iOS 14

From year to year at WWDC we get something new from Apple for iOS. Many users Android just cringe from the mere mention cupertinos of the company and its smartphone, but it’s the only competitor to Android, which pushes our favorite operating system for development. All that’s good about Android is the result of competition — because this world is arranged. If you have no competitors, you’re not wasting time and money on the development. This time Apple really showed a lot of interesting things. Now let’s not talk about the fact that the company took from Android, and talk about that the Android could spy for iOS, to become even better.

Good functions should be able to borrow.

The contents

Why is it necessary to closely monitor iOS

Despite the existence of the phenomenon of active hostility to Apple, still every year many Android users sit at the monitor and look at what was going on in the enemy camp.

iOS and Android took a lot from each other and continue to do so, as if symbolizing the law of unity and struggle of opposites. That’s good, because in the end we got just two operating systems top-level.

That is why those who consider themselves fans, and not Android fanatics need to follow the new iOS. The same applies to Apple fanboys. They, too, need to look at Android and to put pressure on Apple to get the same.

Google wants to make Chrome for Android even easier

The iOS better than Android

Part of what I want to tell and to give an example, was already on Android or even is now, but the issue of implementation of these features is puzzling. They are cool, but why no one does them? Maybe now that I have shown how it is necessary, digging will be engaged in business and finished finally what should have been finished long ago.

App Store shared by the IAP and subscription

At the present time the family library Play Store supports sharing purchased apps, games, books, movies and TV shows. But many apps use in-app purchase or subscription to its paid models and they cannot be transferred to your family members — they have to buy them again.

When you finalize your subscription is not paramount, but it’s nice.

Before Apple had the same limitation, but now the company offers developers the option to allow in-app purchases and share subscriptions with family members. Some developers may not include it, but at least the option is there, and the user can eventually save a lot of money.

Google adds Android advanced determinant of rooms.

The use of mode of ”picture in picture”

Picture-in-picture appeared in the Android with the version 8.1 Oreo, but since then it has remained almost unchanged. You can only drag, maximize, and close. Windows of arbitrary shape could have something to do, but they are still really not working, and indeed the solution is not the most graceful.

Picture-in-picture need not only for she was, and to her it was convenient to use.

In iOS 14 Apple has implemented a feature PIP (picture in picture) in iOS 14. Most enjoyable are not only the ability to move and resize pictures, but also the ability to hide it outside the screen, and then to pull back. This is very helpful when you need to temporarily access the application deployed on the entire screen.

Topics in group messages

IOS 14 improved group conversation in iMessage with many funny and useful features. Instead of just showing the answers as it is done in WhatsApp or Telegram (where we have our own chat with readers), Apple will display them as themes in the style of Slack.

How to see the sticker before sending it and other convenient gestures Telegram.

No longer need to endlessly swiping up and down to follow the conversation and see who said what. Instead, you simply click on the main message and get all you need in a convenient way. Of course, this probably applies not to everything Android, but only the messenger, but maybe someone will hear.

Improved maps and a cool offline mode

Google was once a good app for planning trips called Trips, which was closed, and emphasis was placed on the website. Most of the functions have been saved in the web version, but one still got lost in the move — downloadable routes and navigating. Now Apple adds this capability in their maps app. This is ideal for many travelers.

Let Apple maps lose Google maps, but they also have something to show.

New opportunities for cyclists in Apple Maps is also interesting. Of course, they are limited to a few cities, but as a tool that deserves attention. Especially how the cards will warn of steep slopes and stairs. Apple should develop this idea and implement a new city and Google look at useful functions and figure out how to use it. With Google and the spread of Android you can do much better.

Three functions Android 11, which will appear not in all smartphones

The ability to pay for everything and everywhere

In Android for many years is Instant Apps, which is now reinterpreted and is much better implemented in iOS 14. With it, you receive payment integration and passage to closed areas. It will be useful not only for those who buy and those who sell. Posting in the right places NFC tags or QR codes sellers are very much easier access to the purchase of goods or services.

Apple Clips will help to enjoy the city much easier.

For example, you can simply scan the code on the city bike to rent or to wave your phone at the entrance to the train and go about their business. While Android is still necessary for this to work, but to wait until the sellers start to use this tool is also necessary.

Sending an approximate location and exchange contacts with applications

Privacy continues to be a subject of discussion in updates OS Apple and Google, and iOS 14 only confirms this. Now iOS gives you the ability to share applications is not the exact location, but approximate. For example, you want to find a cafe nearby, but why would you want to give your exact position, when to be rough and it will not affect the result.

Sometimes it’s better to share the approximate location.

And now, you can deny access to your contacts third-party applications, but inserting the names of the user to his data. That is, the application itself will not receive contact information, but the one whose name you enter here will catch up, because if you do, then you need it.

If Android was updated as iOS, which phones would get Android 11

CarPlay is better than Android Auto

Despite the fact that CarPlay is so far a rather restricted system and it is to develop from the point of view of increasing the number of supported apps, but Android Auto is even worse and it is necessary to develop much more actively.

Android Auto have to go to Apple CarPlay.

In CarPlay now even more opportunities for comfortable use. Support is now added Parking, electric vehicle charging, and apps for a quick food order. This is one of the obvious ways to make the platform more attractive and boost the enthusiasm of developers and users. Let not all of this is relevant to us, but the system is rapidly evolving and Google need to push on this issue.

Compare WatchOS and Wear OS

Comparing the Apple Watch with the Wear OS is completely useless, but then again it seems that Wear OS designed to just be, and developers out there already do something will finish. Actually, the way it now looks.

In contrast, Apple, with its watch OS works much more quickly and tries to offer a completely self-contained product, which, though and can install almost any application, but at the same time he works as a full-fledged gadget.

Than to replace the Apple Watch for Android

An example is the automatic detection of the hand washing. I will not say that this is very important, but it suggests that the company really tries to develop and improve from version to version. In Wear OS is also possible, but it works from time to time or it just need to run in manual mode. Forget about it!

Tablet what OS is better

I personally know several people who love Android smartphones, but can’t imagine my life without iPad. An example is our Ivan Kuznetsov, with whom we recently discussed this issue. So far-for example go — I have an iPad. However, I rather refer to cross-platform users, because I have and iPhone.

How not cool, but iPad is really good. Especially in a pair of the Apple in Pencil.

Maybe Android tablets are not so bad and just do what users need. But Apple devices are still far superior solution on Android. This is reflected in the sales figures. If you see a person with a tablet, almost certainly it will be the iPad. Especially now that their prices do not bite.

Apple has demonstrated in iOS is superior than Android

Separately, you can note the operating system and the Apple Pencil. Here is really a company turned around and at the presentation showed that good can be even better.

You can certainly argue with all of the above and comments at your disposal, but we must face the truth. Something really much better from Android, but Apple has a surprise. It is very amaze and make you think how to do it again. I hope Google feels the same way as I do.

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