9 people change their way of working in the field of technology on the world

We all know; and the extent of the impact of technology on various fields of life, especially after many of the companies working in the areas of technology, launching products, and innovative services have contributed significantly in the change of most aspects of life during the last few years.

With the growth of technology companies; and appeared on the former the names of the leading personalities that run these companies with innovative methods will help in maintaining its high status and distinguish them between other companies.

We use in this section the highlights of the 9 people change their way of working in the areas of technology worldwide:

1 – Keith Block Keith Block:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

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Holding Keith as co-CEO in the company Salesforce, and highlighted what they do is his eagerness to enable organizations to exploit new techniques such as: techniques of artificial intelligence, to breathe deeply as much as possible of the attributes and behavior of the customer regardless of the extent of their interaction with institutions for them.

Says block: ” everything begins and ends with the client sitting in front of the device, whether that device is a phone or a computer or otherwise, must therefore be the institutions to do their utmost to get the data of those clients and filter this data, as well as the use of tools of artificial intelligence to urge them to think and communicate”

It is worth mentioning that Salesforce company produces months program of Customer Relationship Management CRM System which facilitates the institutions to deal strictly with data of potential customers until they finalize the purchase.

2 – Patrick Collison Patrick Collison:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

Patrick is the founder and CEO of stripes, Stripe, specialized securing means to secure payment for both individuals and institutions.

Established company Stripe by Patrick Collison, and his brother John Collison, where he produced a simple tool to enable developers to accept payment processing credit cards within their apps, and the software tool simple is the seed of one of the startups, the fastest growing in Silicon Valley.

Although this tool is designed to help developers and small startups to facilitate the processes of buying their products online, however, there are major companies such as Amazon, and Lyft used the tool Stripe to run some electronic payment systems have.

3 – Anil Dash Anil Dash:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

Running Anil as CEO of Glitch.

In a world where increasing numbers of companies working in the areas of technology, there is a constant need to facilitate the work of software developers, as these are the backbone of the army technical training for the companies, this is the primary goal of the tool which company Glitch developed.

Says Dash: ” we’ve started the software developers at major technology companies such as: Google, Microsoft in the use of the Glitch, because they make it easy for them to deal with the stages of development of the app, or the web site, starting from being just an idea, and even create it and share it with their colleagues, as well as to continue to drive a participatory tool like Google Docs to write code and share it”.

4 Heather Meeker Heather Meeker:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

Think head of famous specialists in the field of licensing open source software, focused heavily on finding ways to enable technology companies emerging from the competition with giant companies, helping them to create business models powerful solutions for programming based on code open-source.

5 – Satya Nadella Satya Nadella:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

Running Satya Nadella as current CEO of Microsoft, and before holding this position, he held the position of Group Executive Vice President Microsoft cloud and enterprise, was responsible for the construction and operation of the computing platforms, developer tools, and cloud services.

When he took Satya Nadella over the reins at Microsoft as chief executive, the company was suffering from several problems of which the consequences of the acquisition deal for Nokia, problems with the operating system Windows 8, as well as the emergence of cloud computing services from Amazon, the direction of control on this board.

So the first Nadella much attention as cloud computing and support the development of products, Office 365, and Azure to the police that on the tee firmly booked a place in the cloud computing market and its products.

As the Nadella also focusing on areas of future promising, especially artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, to ensure the share market is suitable for Microsoft in these areas.

6 – nine contributed Debanjan Saha:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

Operating nine as vice president of product Amazon Aurora in the web service base, which is a database developed by Amazon to be customized for applications that rely on cloud computing, and the speed of its performance is 5 times faster than the performance of the databases are standard MySQL.

7 – Sid Sijbrandij Told:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

Holding the position of CEO GitLab.

In 2012 I heard Sijbrandij told about an open source project named GitLab dedicated to helping software developers to cooperate among themselves, said to communicate with the developer the idea for this project, showing that is available is the responsibility of the development of this project and publish it on the internet free of charge material, after it has run and managed as a business.

Today, the number of institutions using GitLab more than 100 thousand enterprise, is also planning to Sijbrandij told to ask his company for an IPO on the stock exchange by the year 2020.

It is worth mentioning that the company GitLab staffed by 500 employees from 50 countries around the world, all working remotely, where there are no headquarters for the company.

8 – our wells Sinha Aparna Sinha:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

Run our wells is director of Product Project Kubernetes, an open source project belonging to Google, is considered a revolution in the world of cloud computing, lets enterprises run and manage applications that work on a large scale in a very easy manner.

Google intends for this project to rival web services offered by Amazon, there are great companies like Spotify وNiantic – owner application Pokémon Go – use Kubernetes now already to run and manage their applications.

9 – Jennifer Tejada Jennifer Tejada:

9 أشخاص يغيرون طريقة العمل في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم

Run Jennifer as CEO of PagerDuty, a specialized development tool that works to alert the software developers when an error occurs in an application, and by providing them with information about this error and how to fix it.

During the three years that he took Jennifer as CEO, the company was able to access the Centre for excellence in relation to development processes and DevOps, a concept that prevails currently in the Community Technology where he helps software companies on the launch of several software products in the fastest time possible.

As the company floated an IPO on the stock exchange in the last month and managed to get funding of $ 200 million.

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