96 cores Intel compared with 128 cores AMD

And all these total of 224 cores belonged to only four processors.

In General, compared to two dual-processor system. One included a couple of 64-core AMD CPU EPYC generation Rome, which should be out early next year and the second two 48-core Intel Cascade Lake-AP, which Intel recently told me.

Compare system ON Cinebench R15. More precisely, in the forehead, apparently no one compared, but since there are two results in the same test, then why not compare at least right?

In General, the AMD system scored 12 861 points, and the Intel — 12 482 points. That is very, very close. However, this is just one test, and the CPU yet, so to sum up the results early. In addition, there is speculation that AMD worked on lower than the end frequency.

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