A bitcoin maximalist refused to buy XRP or TRX and explained his choice

Leading cryptocurrency podcast, “Off the Chain”, co-founder of Morgan Creek Capital and a longtime supporter of Bitcoin , Anthony Pompliano gave a short interview to Julia Chatterley on CNN. He including told why not to buy cryptocurrency XRP. First you need to understand that Pompliano, in principle, oriented in the direction of Bitcoin. And what about Ripple coin company he is skeptical – supposedly there is no driving force and value.

Responding to a question about whether he ever buy XRP or TRX – native cryptocurrency project Tron Justin Sana – founder Morgan Creek Digital Assets gave a confident negative answer.

No, because I’m not sure that these projects follow the same value proposition as other assets. I think that there is stock, but what gives them value? GDP, revenue, profit, and so on. All that makes them valuable, not changed over the years. You just change the technological form factor, which will continue to buy these assets.

In his opinion, that all the so-called “utilitarian” tokens and not investment instruments. They simply give users access to something. However, Pompliano drew particular attention to the fact that the token itself and XRP software company Ripple – these are two essentially different areas of investment. From Ripple labs has assets like xRapid, xCurrent and XRP, as well as the profit, cash flow, investment in Bitso, Moneygram and other metrics through which to assess the value proposition of the company. XRP on the other hand, has nothing that creates or controls its value. All of this is based only on price speculation.

I think part of the problem is the attitude of retail investors who thought that by buying the XRP they can somehow profit from the financial indicators of the Ripple. However, it is not so. And if Ripple will reach success, this does not mean that XRP will rise.

He also added that as an investor he certainly would like to have a share in these software companies, because there is a profit, has assets and dividends. But he did not want to own the asset (a token) that can survive in the future, but maybe not. Has no fundamental value and prospects of which are dubious.

The second most important form of kryptonsite BTC maximalist believes licenzirovanie securities, and also other great future tokenization traditional assets.

How much capital Pompliano is Bitcoin?

At the end of the meeting, Pompliano answered a couple quick questions. In one reply he once again confirmed that half of all his savings now lies in Bitcoin, despite the mixed dynamics of leading cryptocurrencies. Today, for example, BTC is cheaper 9200 dollars.


Moreover, he alleges that the bitcoins in the wallet has become even greater since his last statement on this account. Also, it was interesting to hear the opinion of influencer about the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment. Pompliano with absolute certainty replied that no negative impact occurs.

Because the energy companies that serve the mining farm, exploring renewable energy. And such a high demand for their services likely will lead to sustainable development of alternative energy sources, and not detrimental to the environment. Currently, about 70 percent of the total computing power of Bitcoin network, rely on renewable sources of energy – hydroelectric, solar farms, and windmills.

Source: Unsplash

Contrary to the fears of Bitcoin creates a more efficient market for energy companies. Anthony Pompliano also drew attention to the fact that Bitcoin is currently the most secure in the world. And it really justified the cost of electricity. In his opinion, this level of security is one of the key factors for Bitcoin as a store of value.

And in respect of investment in XRP view of Pompliano seems quite justified. Although we believe that to invest half of my capital in Bitcoin is still too risky. It all depends on faith in technology, as well as the General level of knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Still transfer money in coins is not enough β€” they must also properly store.

Of course, it is impossible not to recall the amount of the second half of the capital. If Bitcoin will seriously subside, have to rely on it. So before you follow the example of Anthony, is a good think.

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