A Chinese company facing bankruptcy because of the game chairman for the summit of the

I don’t have Gio as popular as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, or Shao, but they know in the center of the phone industry since a long time, but it seems that the brand’s Chinese now on the brink of bankruptcy.

According to the newspaper South China Morning, did not work recently in the payment of its debts to its employees, said a meeting with them to reach agreement, which came after 20 of the suppliers to refuse several invitations to match the company’s declaration of bankruptcy and their dues to the court of Shenzhen, available on 20 November.

This came before the site says the C two Chinese detects that the president of the Fei, Liu Lirong, has lost more than 10 billion yuan ($1.4 million – 5.25 million riyals) during the gambling in one gambling clubs of the Spanish, despite the leering of later it has lost million yuan ($144 million – 540 million SR).

Deny the chief of police misuse of his budget-jeou, but confirmed that it may have been doing in conjunction of their funds, which will lead to the face of the company to the conditions very difficult, after that I started recently noticed a high growth in several countries, most notably India.

This and had reported that research firm Counterpoint Research that Gio took control of the 4.6% of the smartphone market. the ad hoc selfies in India during the first quarter of 2017, as it was one of the fastest 5 signs of growth in the price bracket during the same period, despite a dramatic fall in sales during the second quarter of the current year.

Source: Jiemian

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