A Chinese company succeed in creating a sensor for fingerprints compatible with LCD screens


Decided smartphone manufacturers moved the sensor of the fingerprint to the bottom of the screen to make room for the latter to cover as much as possible from reality, but this solution requires the use of OLED display because this is the only type of screens that allows the passage of light from the bottom of the Matrix.

However, I’ve found a Chinese company called Fortsense way to include the sensor of fingerprints under the LCD screens, expects that the Chinese company that adopts the manufacturers of smart phones this technology by the end of this year. According to the image leaked from a presentation marketing, have discovered a company Fortsense way to allow the light to pass through the LCD so that the fingerprint reader read a fingerprint with the membrane of a certain is placed between the layers of the screen. In this way, the sensor can read a user’s fingertip in 160 different ways.

Find a way to allow the inclusion of sensor fingerprints under the LCD screen will change many things in the smartphone market, it will make smartphones cheaper due to the manufacturing process of LCD screens is the easiest and cheapest at the same time unlike the OLED screens on the library.

Currently, the manufacture of OLED displays high-quality by only three companies, namely Samsung and LG, BOE, and can decrease their shares in the market once you decide to manufacturers use this new solution and LCD screens in more of its smart phones rather than adopting OLED screens charged.


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