A comparison between my phone Huawei and Samsung opt to bending

A few days after unveiled the Samsung phone her midwife to bending, Galaxy Fuld, revealed Huawei today announced her phone is dead X.

When comparing my design of the two phones, it seems that Huawei phone is more sophisticated in terms of appearance for several reasons: the acquisition of the screen on a large area of the interface, lack of note, the thinnest device that has a thickness in tablet mode 5.4 mm only, i.e., thinner than the iPad Pro 2018 by about 0.5 mm.

And the way the folds of stretchy devices, we note that it is folded Galaxy Fuld of the interior for use by placing the phone where the screen is 4.6 inches, but when you unwrap the device, open it like a book, there is a second screen, measuring 7.3 inches.

The dead X, is folded to the outside, where the screen putting tablet 8 inch dimensions 8:7.1, it can be folded for two separate can use them to put the phone; screen 6.6 inch dimensions 19.5:9 and 6.38 inches dimensions 25:9.

While the screen of Galaxy Fuld big will be protected when in use the status of the phone, the screen is dead X will be more likely to break where you can put a phone and tablet, so you Huawei it has developed a special preservative to protect the screen 6.38 inch during the use of screen 6.6 inch.

Other than the Galaxy Fuld, named Dead X the latest technology, including networks of the fifth generation of John twice the speed of the connection provided by the phone Samsung processor Snapdragon 855, as well as faster charging technology wired prison, with a capacity of 55 watts, you can charge 85% of its battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh in 30 minutes.

Features galaxy Fuld to the number of cameras that allow filming in any mode, front camera + rear camera, camera indoor. The dead X the three cameras key can be used to capture the selfie, and your choice of two phones in the adoption of fingerprint reader alongside built-in, right-click the operating.

Both devices depend on the different articulations to fit the way the crease, which would have a direct impact on the usage experience that we can’t judge it currently. But compared to the adjustment mode of the windows to put the tablet according to the announcement, the Vespa Galaxy Fuld running 3 apps at the same time, but its offer was not consistent, unlike the display in the phone is dead X, where you can run two applications at the same time.

Compared to the specifications of the Galaxy Fuld and X

Galaxy FuldDead X
About the devicePhone foldaway bed hand inside.Phone foldaway bed hand outside.
Screen tablet7.3 inch more accurately 2152×1536 pixels 8-inch more accurately 2480 x 2200 pixels
The phone screenSecond screen 4.6 inch strictly 1960 x 840 pixels

The same screen of the tablet is divided into two:

6.6 inch 2480×1148 Pixel
6.38 inch 2480×892 Pixel

Way to safetyFingerprint reader built right-operating
ProcessorThe leading core 7 nmKirin 980 core 7 nm
The connection speed dataEven 2.3 IT networks fourth generationEven the 4.6 set on the fifth-generation networks
Radio12 gigabytes8 gigabytes
Storage512 gigabytes
Cameras6 cameras

Front 10 maps
Internal 10+8 maps
Wallpaper 12+12+12 maps

Main camera 40+16+8 maps
Battery4380 mAh4500 mAh
Fast shipping Speed unknown Capacity of 55 watts
Price$1980 (7425 SR)2299 euros (9750 SR)
Date of the26 AprilMid-2019
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