A comparison between the assistant Google will be Cork and our

Personal assistants like Google will be Cork and US have become an integral part of mobile devices to help us carry out the task on those devices or smart devices, but the availability and quality of services vary from one Assistant to another and here’s a quick comparison.

The accuracy and speed of response and voice recognition

Communicate with Assistants The person is by the voice of the user, so it is necessary to have the user when communicating with him, therefore, find that each auxiliary word to wake him up like “hi google”, but from the fastest to understand the user?

Each assistant his ability to learn on the photo, but it appears that the experience weighed all assistants Google will be in the user’s understanding particularly in the environment that blinds the noise, and in this regard, Microsoft says to her assistant, cortana has a better understanding of the context, but suffers from a headset user. In terms of response time, the assistant Google, the undisputed, while the assistant Siri and cork our.

Features and capabilities

The three supports are some of the common functions such as adjusting the dates of the calendar, setting the alarm, make calls, send emails and play music its on the news, as each has its own advantages.

While asking your cortana on the search results from the search engine Bing, the assistant uses Google will be the search engine Google, although the latter two use the same search engine would you say raised you to call or book when you search for restaurants, when you know in any restaurant you want to eat can three to help you in the booking process.

Thanks to that Google has many services and much information about the user, the results take advantage of Google’s more personalized to the user of the other assistants, as to the technique of Duplex to be invited by the assistant Google by the end of 2018 will be added to the character of the human assistant when communicating with the user or other achievement so make reservations in restaurants through the calls using the English language.

Relieve the advantages of the plugin as per the device you use it and the services that it supports, so the worshipper may recite the assistant to Google the news on the speaker smart Google home, while cortana this on a smart phone, and Siri play music service Apple TV while the assistant Google and Kurt our use Spotify.

Integration with ecosystem

The biggest difference between personal assistants lies in the platforms and devices that work; while Siri on the device home iPod headphones Eyre iPod and iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, without Android and Windows, is available assistant Google on Android platforms and iOS, and can even use it on windows with some service, that beside his work on the gel, devices Google that you can use, and for the course is available supports all Windows 10 devices, whether computers or phones or Xbox one.

The winner

There is no doubt that the three are the best personal assistants in the market, and have outperformed each other over the last few years, but the preference seems clear to assistant Google in this period thanks to the expansion in the functions and hardware support, as it best understand the user and respond to responses more in keeping with his person, and features compatibility with many devices, this next to new features advertised the conference Google I/O 2018.

However, each Assistant is better than the other on the hardware allocated to it; therefore, we find that Siri works better on Apple devices and Kurt our works best on Microsoft devices, and the assistant Google the best on any other platform virtually.

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