A comprehensive energy innovation and attracts major construction firms three-dimensional

Announced a Sharjah Research, Technology and innovation by attracting global companies specialized in the creation of buildings by printing three-dimensional, as it will build the first house architecture and heritage on the grounds of using this technique; which is one of the latest techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution related to construction; in cooperation with the company (Cyber) Cybe Dutch, which is one of the leading companies which have this technology in the world.

This project is the fruit of cooperation between government sector, private, academic and on the land area, the company will (Ginko) for contracting the implementation of the work, has chosen the company (SAIPA) to evaluate this technique, which will establish the region in a period of time not to exceed two weeks, in the second quarter of the current year.

During this process you will be taught a range of students and researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at the American University of Sharjah in this area for this technique to be the implementation of the project training is practically effective.

The American university representative of the Faculty of Engineering on the development of this technique, the training of students, through the conduct of applied scientific research conducted by students, faculty and staff members, the number of researchers by specialized companies; in the introduction to their company Middle East for engineering majors (dead) Meet, specialized in the development and construction of modern buildings low-cost, and fastest delivery, the most sustainable, through testing and experimentation through projects to be implemented as soon as the Sharjah Research, Technology and innovation; to develop this technique and its application in the region.

Will build the entire house with the latest technology in this type of construction, the design preserves the Emirati heritage, in the step of angling of the council through which to position Sharjah as a destination of choice for this kind of construction techniques and architecture of the future, at which time he began the construction sector has been shifting gradually on the global level.

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This step comes in the framework of the efforts of a comprehensive energy research and innovation to alleviate one of the most important technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, namely the printing of three-dimensional, through the establishment of an environment pool and supportive training and research, in the field of future technologies for construction, by conducting numerous experiments to develop some of the techniques of modern buildings, such as the printing technology of holographic. Which is one of the most prominent ways of building future innovative and reliable to contribute in the making of residential units integrated, through the digital models of the components, as required through the use of this technique in the future to reduce the costs of Assembly, Transportation and construction.

In talking about this project, confirmed (Hussein Mahmoudi) – President of the Executive Council of Sharjah Research, Technology and innovation – the importance of the launch of this ambitious project, which translates the council’s vision estrategica enter all kinds of future technologies, “what it contains – as the center of the application and the checksum of the entire science and innovative technologies – intensify efforts; to search for all-new, the capacity of the council to become the center of development of the regional construction of the three-dimensional space, by finding a suitable environment for research and development, this project represents a true partnership between government and private sector, academic, and The main goal of the project is to provide an example for the region and the world on how to create a research and innovation smart for educational institutions, research centres and the local economy”.

Added Mahmoudi that this project comes with increasing cost of conventional building day after day, as this type of construction will not many advantages: such as easy access to design knowledge, modification is simple, with access to parts of various sizes, in addition to the use of equipment study much less than traditional methods, resulting in a shortcut in the implementation period and cost.

He added that attracting the leading international companies in these techniques to work in the area indicates the extent of confidence that investors have in the economy of the emirate, and the great opportunities it offers through the facilities and incentives provided to investors, emphasizing the pivotal role played by the council, in support of the strategic plans of the emirate of Sharjah, aimed at making it a point to attract the president, the gateway to global investors working in the technology sector and innovation, whether they are individuals or companies, through a package of stimuli for investment, and providing facilities, through plans and policies to attract mode to attract this kind of global direct investment. The council works to provide integrated facilities; to create an environment that supports research and experimentation process, and also offers great incentives to investors; to enable them to adapt and compete, the ability to penetrate global markets, including tax holidays and Customs, and full ownership of the project, etc.


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