A comprehensive review for Google Pixel 4 XL.. specifications and features and price

The expectations were incredibly high for the fourth generation of phones Google Smart (Pixel 4), which includes a phone are: (pixel 4) Pixel 4, and(4 Pixel XL) Pixel 4 XL, especially since the competition is very strong this year between the companies the phones.

Supports phones Google Pixel 4 some new features which include: a new system that works with radar development in motion sensor, Face Recognition, lens camera telephoto, the new version of Gmail Assistant, a screen with a refresh rate of 90 hertz, which suits the lovers of the games, in addition to getting Android OS updates 10. But do these features make the phones new Google able to compete?

Here’s a comprehensive review for Google Pixel 4 XL.. specifications and features and price:


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف جوجل Pixel 4 XL.. المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

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Google made this year a completely new design for Pixel 4, where it is quite different from previous generations, there is no back glass non-metallic color, and replace the design of homogeneous sleeker with the absence of sensor fingerprint in the back like the iPhone.

Phone comes Pixel 4 XL design of glass that bend smoothly from the back, to meet up with the metal frame that comes in black, whether it is the color of the glass back: black or orange or white, in addition to that the rear camera became present within the square frame in the upper left corner, box the camera comes in Black also.

You’ll find a bottle of the back in the two versions white, orange, matte to avoid the appearance of a raised fingerprint, while in the model black you’ll find it shiny.

The phone also has a glass Gorilla Glass 5 in each side; for protection from scratches, shocks, but there is no separate heaven of the traditional 3.5 mm, depends on the USB-C port to drink, and connect the headphones.


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف جوجل Pixel 4 XL.. المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

The phone’s Pixel 4 XL display type P-OLED display compared to 6.3 inches, strictly 3040 x 1440 pixels, the densities of 537 pixels as per inch.

This screen allows you to enjoy the experience of a high-resolution display QHD+, the colors are beautiful, and clearly strong, the angle of viewing, and provides the touch response is excellent thanks to its support for modernization the capacity of 90 hertz, as the support of feature (operating permanent) Always-on display.


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف جوجل Pixel 4 XL.. المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

Work phones Google Pixel 4 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 eight nuclear, and the report of 7 nm and hesitantly 2.8 GHz, in addition to having a new segment called Pixel Neural Core, and relies in its work on artificial intelligence for speech-to-text, and provide quick responses incredibly of assistant to Google Voice.

Available phone the Google Pixel 4 XL memory random access RAM capacity of 6 GB, and two options for storage space interior with a capacity of 64 or 128 GB, with no support to add external memory cards.


Featuring Google Phone Pixel 4 XL rear camera dual lenses; first: accurately 12.2-megapixel with a lens aperture of f/1.7, and the second: 16-megapixel with aperture f/2.4, and supports optical zoom at a rate of 2X. Also supports both optical image stabilization OIS, auto focus, Dual Pixel PDAF.

Keep Google on where it is last year, as phones 3 Pixel includes a better camera compared to the Android phones of the competition.

Google made last year phones Pixel 3 in the back with a single lens, so in the time its competitors offer the camera of two and three lenses, this year added a telephoto lens again in the phones Pixel 4, to show less than other phones that use three or even four lenses in the rear camera.

Not provided Google in phones Pixel 4 wide-angle lens too – as in the iPhone 11 Pro, Huawei Mate 30, the وNote 10 – and submit a telephoto lens because they felt that the Zoom is most important.

Allow the telephoto lens of the second camera to take photographs, the better, as it provides better homogeneity in difficult areas, and also help you to capture images from far away places.

The camera supports new features, including: the HDR feature Plus which combines multiple images to give you a picture of one of the best know instantly, instead of displayed after capturing the image, editing tools to adjust exposure in separate parts of the image, and improve the performance of feature imaging night Sight.

Facial recognition technology:

Think phones Pixel 4 are the first phones from the lineup Pixel does not offer Google any sensor of the fingerprint, the ability of Google instead of the facial recognition technology that you say it’s the fastest ever from any other phone. Thanks to the bar of Soli working radar.

At the technical level; the feature works opening the face of the new phones pixels, just like the feature works with Face ID in iPhone, it may be a way to Pixel 4 is safer than the technique of opening the face of the other-based Android system, but it is not as safe as the technique of Apple, even now no matter Pixel 4 if your eyes are open, or closed, which means that anyone can unlock your phone by pointing your phone to your face while you’re asleep. So Google is working on the development of the update would add detection eye-to-unlock feature of the device to recognize the face.

I tested Google’s radar to run features Motion Sense, rather than relying on the camera, due to the length of its scope, the use of low energy, where radar uses radio waves to explore the size of objects and their location, and how close they are.

This is in addition to support to recognize the gestures that you make when you move your hand left or right, where you can switch between the songs as soon as you pass the hand over the phone, silencing the bell of phone calls by waving your hand just below the catch on the phone, as well as silence timer, alarm clock.


Phone comes Pixel 4 with a battery capacity of 3700 mAh/hour, and supports rapid charging capacity of 18 watts, and the wireless charging using the charging accessories need to adopt Qi.

Think small the battery capacity is one of the most prominent defects of the phones Pixel 4, because in terms of performance, you’ll find that the phone’s screen supports a refresh rate high which will increase the rate of battery consumption, in order to endure the phone with you for the whole day you will have to reduce the brightness of screen, adjust the refresh rate to 60 hertz, and stay away from games that drain the battery.


Phone starts Pixel 4 XL at a price of 899 dollars for people with an internal storage of 64 GB, the price of $ 999 the proportion of 128 GB, will Google ship it next Thursday, October 24.


Pixel 4 XL


Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm.

The screen

6.3 inches, of type P-OLED, and accurately 3040 x 1440 pixels, the densities of 444 pixels in an inch per hour. Supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Options for internal storage space

64 or 128 GB.


6 GB.

Features of insurance biometric

Face recognition Face Unlock.

Rear camera

Binary lenses; first: accurately 12.2 MP, girl lens f/1.7, and

Second: 16-megapixel with aperture f/2.4,

Supports both optical image stabilization OIS, auto focus, Dual Pixel PDAF.

The front camera

Camera mono-8-megapixel, and lens f/2.0, it also comes with sensor TOF 3D.

The filming of the video

Rear camera: 4K at 30 fps, or 1080p at the rate of 30/60/120 frames per second, or 720p at a rate of 240 fps.

Front camera: HD 1080 pixels at the rate of 30 per second.

Additional features

Provider of radar sensor works on the operation of the motion sensor to control your phone via gestures, and face recognition faster.

Water resistant

The supports according to the standard IP68.

Port headphones 3.5 mm

Don’t call him.

The size of the battery

3700 Milli-amp/hour, with support for fast charging capacity 18 watts, and supports wireless charging using the charging accessories need to adopt Qi.

Available colors for its

Black, and white, the color of the orange new it calls Google the name of the Oh So Orange.

Operating system

The Android 10.


193 grams.


160.4 × 75.1 × 8.2 mm.


Starts from 899 dollars.

Date of availability

October 24.

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