A comprehensive review For Honor 20 Pro .. specifications and features and price

The company announced (Honor) Honor; in the beginning of this month about the availability of the phone by the representative (honor 20 Pro) Honor 20 Pro in the market, which comes with the specifications are great, and the price of homes, which makes it a strong contender through the year 2019.

Phone Honor 20 Pro is the latest version of the honor, and the top series (honor 20) thanks to its unique design, the screen is full width, camera quad lens similar to the camera present in the phone Huawei P30 Pro possible, as it provides a great user experience thanks to the strong performance, smart technology, plus its price is much less than you expect.

Combines phone Honor 20 Pro between the strength of the performance, the camera system quad lenses, with the appropriate price, terms comes at a price of 545 USD equivalent AED 1999 as met only, which makes it one of the most important handsets launched during 2019.

The following is a comprehensive review For Honor 20 Pro.. specifications and features and price:

Design, and:

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مراجعة شاملة لهاتف Honor 20 Pro.. المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

Comes phone Honor 20 Pro stylish design and fun of the glass, where they bend smoothly from the back, to meet up with the metal frame that comes in a color structure, in addition to the rounded corners that make it comfortable to carry in the hand grip.

In the back you’ll find that the honor recognized the dynamic design reflects the patterns of the shiny different change with the differing light and shadows imposed, which gives it depth and a unique and influential color great, and with a camera quad vertical in the left side. There is no sensor fingerprint in the back, or bottom of the screen, but instead; you’ll find it integrated on the play button located on the right side below the volume buttons, and features of the sensor at a speed where I don’t take more than a few seconds to unlock the phone.


The lower part on the USB-C port next to the woofer, but there is no separate heaven of the traditional 3.5 mm, so you buy a pack of phone adapter from 3.5 mm to USB-C.

In the front of the phone we notice that the honor followed the trend in flagship phones, and for extrusion which is in the middle of the screen for the front camera incorporated into the screen in the upper left corner, to help increase the proportion of the screen to the body, just like: phones Samsung Galaxy leading.

Comes phone Honor 20 Pro a 6.26 inches, strictly 2340×1080 pixel resolution, and the type of IPS LCD, and much, much 412 pixels as per inch, and the ratio of screen size to body 91.7%, which is what makes them provide a better viewing experience full view, clearly high.



Working telephone the Honor 20 Pro processor Kirin 980-backed artificial intelligence, and according to 7 nm, which is the main engine for faster phone performance and advanced, which provides higher performance by 75%, while improving the energy efficiency by 58% compared with the previous version, in addition to improve the graphics processing unit by 46%, which supports GPU Turbo 3.0; to improve the touch response rapid, providing an outstanding experience while playing games.

Designed this phone for the sake of performance; where harvested in the evaluation of the GeekBench up to 3291 points in the selection of nuclear unilateralism, in addition 9388 points in the selection nuclei multiple, which means that you will not face any problem in running multiple applications in the background while downloading large applications, and video playback at the same time, the availability of phone memory random access RAM with a capacity of 8 GB, and internal storage space with a capacity of 256 GB.

Reduce technique (GPU Turbo 3.0) energy consumption by up to 10%, and the performance of the processor graphics to provide a game experience steady and sustained in the 25 game of the most important existing games in the market, where work to install the frame rate on the screen while playing, for ranges between 30 to 60 fps depending on the game, according to the tests the phone Honor 20 Pro is considered one of the few devices that support 60 fps in game Fortnite Mobile.

The phone also features the presence of heat dissipation components made of material (graphene) graphene, which helps to dissipate the heat of the phone efficiently, in addition, the phone includes a sound system (Virtual 9.1), which supports most of the sky telecommunications which provides the sound experience more efficient.


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف Honor 20 Pro.. المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

Achieved phone Honor 20 Pro rate 111 points in choosing a camera is the comprehensive experiment platform (DxOMark), which is the highest ever, claiming that ranked second in the rating.

Got the phone on this high rating thanks to the performance of the camera and optical image stabilization (OIS) and digital (EIS), where he designed to honor a camera phone its Honor 20 Pro allows professional photographers and other photography lovers express their creations, and report moments of their lives clearly, and the details accurate, even in environments with low lighting.

Comes phone Honor 20 Pro in the back with a vertical quad lenses; basic: strictly 48 megapixel camera, with f/1.4 lens, works sensor the Sony IMX586; and supports the installation of optical, pressure auto image rotation, and the second: accurately 16-megapixel camera, with a lens of f / 2.2, wide-angle 117 degrees, and the second: accurately 8 megapixel, and lens f/2.4; with the support optical zoom 3x, the fourth: a macro lens is a 2 MP with a lens of f/2.4.

The camera supports many features of artificial intelligence, where you can add a feature ( AI Ultra-clarity) more detail and light, albeit with exposure for 3-5 seconds, and you can also put (AI Super Night) to help you get the shot perfect night by adding more light and details.

The camera supports also Image Stabilization technology electronic (EIS) to enable you to shoot videos in high reliability and quality even under the toughest of shooting conditions; without the need to use equipment to install the camera, or camera stand Tripod, you can also capture videos in slow motion at a rate of 960 frames per second, to tighten the video to the smallest details and enjoy the viewing experience unique.

The front camera is a camera single-lens strictly 32-megapixel, and lens f/2.0, and the phone supports video shooting 4K at 30 frames per second only.

The operating system, and battery:


Work phone (Android 9 Bay) Android 9.0 Pi; teacher on duty to use Magic UI 2.1.0, private lobby and Steiner, which offers a large range of features and functions, including visual elements, and data new.

Think of the user interface Magic UI 2.1.0 on artificial intelligence in its work to implement distributed resources in a smart way and integrated; in order to gain access to the stronger performance of the Android system, it supports a number of new features that provide you with the experience of using an example such as:

  • Feature (EROFS the file system), which focuses on performance and power, as well as improve the security of system files.
  • The advantage (AI Vlog Editing) to edit video with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Feature support of command elements in augmented reality using the sensor of the ToF.
  • Feature (switching between dual SIM cards) Dual-SIM Dual Switching, which, when activated, automatically switch the SIM card the default to the second card when it detects the phone signal is weak.

Comes phone Honor 20 Pro with a battery capacity of 4000 Ma/H, Support Technical Honor fast charging capacity of 22.5 kW, where the ratio of charging to 50% in just 30 minutes

Price, and availability:


The phone Honor 20 Pro in the two versions of the trendy colors are: Phantom Black, Phantom Black, which turns the phone from a black color to the Color Purple, Phantom Blue Phantom Blue, which turns the phone to a blue color in a dynamic way attractive.

With all these great features we will find that the phone is available at a very convenient price, where the price up to 545 USD equivalent AED 1999 of a met just.


Honor 20 Pro


Kirin 980-backed artificial intelligence, and according to 7 nm.

Internal storage space

256 GB.


8 GB.

The graphics card

Mali-G76 MP10.

The screen

6.26 inches, strictly 2340×1080 pixel resolution, and the type of IPS LCD, and much, much 412 pixels as per inch.

The ratio of the size of the screen


Rear camera

Quad lenses; basic: strictly 48 megapixel camera, with f/1.4 lens, works sensor the Sony IMX586, and supports optical stabilization, automatic adjustment for health,

Second: accurately 16-megapixel camera, with a lens of f / 2.2, wide-angle 117 degrees,

Second: accurately 8 megapixel, and lens f/2.4; with the support optical zoom 3x,

Fourth: a macro lens is a 2 MP with a lens of f/2.4.

The filming of the video

4K at 30 fps, or 1080p at the rate of 30/60 fps.

The front camera

Single-lens built-in screen, strictly 32-megapixel, and lens f/2.0.

External memory card

Does not support

Port headphones 3.5 mm

Does not support.


4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BT5.0, GPS/AGPS, AND GLONASS.

Features of biometric

Sensor Fingerprint a built-in button.


4000 Mili-amp/ hour, and the technique of honor for rapid capacity 22.5 Watts.


Phantom Black Phantom Black, Phantom Blue Phantom Blue.

Operating system

(Android 9 Bay) – based interface use Magic UI 2.1.0.


182 grams.


154.6 x 74 x 8.4 mm


545 dollars equivalent 1999 AED met.

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