A comprehensive review of For Honor HONOR 10i .. specifications and features

Put Honor recently her new smart phone Honor I and HONOR 10i in the markets, which gives users new options, the advantages of the advanced at affordable prices.

Falls the new phone under the series phones category average, which suits the growing segment of consumers in the market of smart phones today, in addition to that version of the booster has many advantages, including wins phone of the budget Economic HONOR 10 Lite. As guests of HONOR 10i stylish design tail color characteristic, as it is equipped with front camera powerful, strictly 32-megapixel, camera three on the back side, and all at a very convenient price.

Here’s a comprehensive review of For Honor HONOR 10i, we recognize the light in detail on the most important the main advantages of this phone:


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف هونر HONOR 10i .. المواصفات والمميزات

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Comes phone Honor I HONOR 10i stylish design curved from its four sides, to meet up with the frame smoothly, as well as having round corners make it comfortable to carry too, so; because of the design of its curved line regulation naturally with the curves of your hands, you can carry it easily, and comfortably with one hand. And allows users to easily access the interface elements to use, near the top of the screen; take a picture selfie of advanced with one hand.

In the front of the phone we find that the screen is running more than 90 % of the phone interface front-end, with a note small circular, featuring a front-facing camera, and above we find the headset calls.

In the background we find to honor the use of printing technology nanolithography; to create a color characteristic, draw attention, with the camera having three vertical, the sensor is circular fingerprints.

Either prefer the classic look, they’ll version of the phone HONOR 10i in black, pleases the taste, where it is characterized by the appearance of a sleek reflective to light, with a touch shiny.

The phone supports a separate clear of the traditional 3.5 mm, but it does not support the feature of water resistance, also depends on the Micro USB port for charging, not USB-C.


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف هونر HONOR 10i .. المواصفات والمميزات

Phone needs HONOR 10i on the screen of 6.21 inches, type IPS LCD, strictly 2340×1080 pixels, density of 415 pixels per inch, the dimensions of 19.5:9, as the ratio of screen size to body more than 90%, which is what makes them provide a better viewing experience full view, clearly high.

The screen offers a viewing experience is excellent, in addition to the convenience of putting eye TüV Rheinland-certified, which helps to reduce the radiation of the blue light emitted from the screen; protect your eyes, prevention of stress, especially in dim light. When used put the Easy Reader will enjoy reading in the phone, you have never experience before, but put the Easy Reader is available exclusively only to develop the reading of the HONOR.


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف هونر HONOR 10i .. المواصفات والمميزات

Working telephone the HONOR 10i processor Huawei Kirin 710 eight-core, which supports artificial intelligence techniques, with the processing unit the graphics Mali-G51, which supports GPU Turbo 2.0; to improve the response to touch by 36%, and to provide improvements especially while running games.

Is available phone memory random access RAM with a capacity of 4 GB, and internal storage space, 128 GB, and can be expanded through external memory cards MicroSD up to 512 GB, as the phone supports running two lines, in addition to support for 4G, Bluetooth 4.2, the formation of the FM radio.

Thanks to the support of the networks of the fourth generation, communication, stable internet connection, the device can improve the quality of the call based on the technique of smart communication, supported by artificial intelligence, a technology related intelligently to the user’s place, learn like if it has entered to the factory, or left it, and restores the network signal of the fourth generation in just a few seconds.


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف هونر HONOR 10i .. المواصفات والمميزات

Supplied honor her new smart phone Honor 10i three cameras, the background, basic: strictly 24-megapixel camera, girl, lens, f/1.8, and supports Auto Focus feature, and the second: a very wide angle Ultra Wide, accurately 8 megapixel, and the lens f/2.2, and the second: lens dedicated to the discovery of the details of the depth, accurately 2 megapixel, and lens f/2.4, which provides you the experience of filming the special in low light conditions, is dominated by all algorithms artificial intelligence developer; to improve the quality of your photos is amazing.

Helps you phone HONOR 10i also to seize the important moments, documenting the atmosphere lively at night. Where the lens with wide aperture F/1.8 camera basic entry of more light into the sensor; the image brightness is higher, without slowing down the shutter speed, thereby providing better performance in low light conditions. As it lifts the sensor Quadra CFA camera’s sensitivity to light in dark places, to increase the brightness of the image.

Can the phone camera to learn on more than 500 scene of the 22 class, as you apply the best settings automatically; to capture the perfect image, thanks to the support of artificial intelligence techniques, and can also determine the presence of the persons, background, and improve the title, by modifying the time of exposure, adjust colors, according to the types of various scenes, and this camera is the ability to produce movies, and photos professional.

مراجعة شاملة لهاتف هونر HONOR 10i .. المواصفات والمميزات

Help put the AI Stabilizing on the improvement of night photography, as it analyzes the vibrations caused by the export by hand, and raises the image, which ensures to capture high quality images, free from vibrations at night.

In addition to the rear camera advanced triple lenses, the HONOR 10i users front camera characteristic is strictly 32-megapixel, and lens f / 2.0 wide, provide high quality images, with support for Algorithm roaming auto image rotation, depending on the techniques of artificial intelligence, in addition to adjusting the intensity of the exposure light; to capture the best selfies.

And for the record, the algorithm is cosmetic customizable according to your desire, which is very useful especially when taking selfies, everyone, it ensures the application of the impact of Booker bokeh effects in a manner that is accurate and correct, with the effects of cosmetic specific on the face of each person in the group, when you take a picture with the camera front.

Operating system:

مراجعة شاملة لهاتف هونر HONOR 10i .. المواصفات والمميزات

Working telephone the HONOR 10i with Android 9 Bay Android 9.0 Pi, based on the intuitive user interface, EMUI 9.0, the lobby of Gartner offered a great range of features and functions, including visual elements, and data new.

Featuring a user interface based on artificial intelligence; to coordinate the distribution of resources in a smart way and integrated; and access to stronger performance for the Android system.

The property of the design – by gestures for the users – interact in an easy way, and directly with the device, using touch and simple, it also allows the implementation of new functions or improved, those tasks include: counting calories, the translation of the instantaneous supported by artificial intelligence, and easy via Bluetooth with smart devices wearable scanner for for easier shopping.


مراجعة شاملة لهاتف هونر HONOR 10i .. المواصفات والمميزات

Comes phone HONOR 10i battery capacity of 3400 Ma/H, support wired charging rapid ability of 10 watts.




Kirin 710

Internal storage space

128 GB


4 GB

The screen

6.21 inches of type IPS LCD, strictly 2340×1080 pixels, density of 415 pixels per inch

The graphics card

Mali-G51 MP4

Rear camera

Three basic lens: strictly 24 megapixel, and lens f/1.8,

Second: accurately 8 megapixel camera, with f/2.2 aperture, high-angle Super width Ultra Wide,

Second: accurately 2 megapixel, and lens f/2.4; to the deep.

The filming of the video

1080p, at the rate of 30/60 fps.

The front camera

Single lens strictly 32-megapixel, and lens f/2.0 with HDR.

External memory card

Supports up to 512 GB.

Features of biometric

Face recognition, the sensor fingerprint in the back of the phone.


3400 Milli-amp/ hour, and the Fast shipping.


Blue flowing the spectrum, and redflowing spectrum, and black.

Operating system

Android 9 bay with the interface EMUI 9.


164 grams.


154.8 × 73.6 × 8 mm.


About 315$.

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