A computer algorithm has recreated the sound of the dawn on Mars

Scientists are well aware of the Mars — especially his appearance. But the sound is much harder to see on this red planet and even more to listen to. We just don’t have powerful microphones able to hear the noise of the wind on the Martian plains. And now, scientists from the University of Anglia Ruskin and the University of Exeter have created an interesting music that was not just inspired of Mars, but actually composed by a computer algorithm that took the sunrise on Mars in the original data.

The result is a surprisingly pleasant music that you can hear yourself. This passage just a couple of minutes long. If you ever find yourself on Mars and get a chance to hear the same sounds with your ears, you will be nothing to compare.

Sounds like Mars

In order to make a sound, scientists have created a piece of music, scanning the picture from left to right, pixel by pixel, by studying the information on brightness and color, and combining it with the lifting surface. The algorithm then appointed to each element of a certain tone and melody.

“We are thrilled to present this work on such an interesting planet,” says Dr. Domenico Vicinanza, one of the scientists of the project. “Sound image is a pretty flexible method for research, it can be used in various fields, from the study of certain characteristics of the surface and atmosphere of the planet and ending with the analysis of changes in the weather or the detection of volcanic eruptions”.

The work itself will actually “executed” at the conference of supercomputers SC18 in Dallas on November 13. Listeners in the audience will hear sound through the normal speakers and “vibration transducers”. Cool.

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