A conflict between Samsung Oriente because of the hours Galaxy

صراع بين سامسونج وأورينت بسبب ساعة جالاكسي

Enter the company Samsung Korean giant new conflict in the last days with the company Orient Japanese watch industry this is due to the change of the company Samsung to settle their clocks smart, after what was the company intends to name its smart as the Gear has when the version of the last generation of watches launched named “Galaxy”.

The reason for the launch of that name is to include the line of manufacturing of watches within the umbrella Galaxy smartphone’s Samsung since about ten years.

Depending on what the company claims Oriente Japanese, they have adopted the name “Galaxy” as a nickname production line for its 1984 in this it becomes the exclusive company in the field of watches whether it is normal or even smart ones, prompting them to raise alarm code official to Samsung in the court of the central area of Seoul South Korea, claiming Samsung violated the laws of intellectual property rights and the Prevention of unfair competition.

The company Orient has produced many models of the watch. under the name of galaxy, but the difficulty of this case to that the testimony of a local brand that I got the Samsung about an hour it came in the license as an electronic device, while a global brand owned by Orient make her watch as jewelry.

And that, said the spokesperson for the company Oriente: “we have the registration and license Galaxy Galaxy gold since 1984 and commercials Samsung for its Galaxy considered a clear violation of the laws of intellectual property”.

He added that the actions of Samsung that it’s any more difficult for the company Oriente to develop and introduce its smart under brand licensed its name “Galaxy” thing that the company was planning a while ago.

Company aims at Oriente from the case of obtaining a ruling granting trading hours Galaxy own with Samsung in the market.

By the Korean company Samsung, the company is not notified of anything about this case until now, the company will for its part take the necessary actions immediately after the notification officially.

It is worth mentioning that the Japanese bank “Orient” is considered to be one of the most prestigious watch manufacturers in the world since the beginning of the company was in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan.

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