A copy of the AirPods Pro for 900 rubles, with the active threshold? Why not

I’m not a big hunter wishful thinking. Therefore, it is not even kept in mind the purchase of copies, or, as one time was accepted to speak in certain circles, replicas of original products. In fact, buying counterfeit sneakers Balenciaga first you lie to yourself, and secondly – the others. It is one thing when you want to stand out a costly thing with a famous logo, and absolutely another – when just like the performance. In such case, as for me, you can make an exception to the rule.

AirPods Pro too expensive? How about an option for 900 rubles?

Google has released an update that will allow you to receive the AirPods for Android

Already some time on AliExpress sold almost a complete copy of the AirPods Pro from Lenovo. I have long noticed her and was even going to talk about it, but everyone was waiting for the right moment. Some did not know, but to write about the headphones from not the most eminent manufacturer just so I didn’t want. And then the reason came itself: the price of the accessory has fallen by almost a third of the original indicators. To get the discount, add headphones to cart and enter the promo code ALIPLUS200.

A copy of the AirPods Pro for Android

Lenovo LP1 — almost a complete copy of the AirPods Pro

We are talking about headphones Lenovo LP1. This wireless headphone that looks very much like AirPods Pro. In General, if you do not pay attention to the color of the case is silver, — from afar, you can take the product of the Chinese original, as accurately lapped all. The only difference is the Lenovo logo on the front side of the charging case, in fact, coloring, and slightly modified relative to the prototype structure of the headphones. If these AirPods Pro arc smoothly into the speaker, then LP1 – a little above it rises.

A full copy of AirPods for Android for 5 thousand rubles. Try to distinguish

Obviously, these headphones, as Lenovo LP1, take those who want to get AirPods Pro, but regret buying the original at the original price. I don’t blame them – he licked at the top “ears” from Apple since their release, but the purchase has still not bothered. And these, given their price, which discount is equal to 918 rubles, bought with a pound. In the end, they look no worse than the AirPods Pro, not crazy loose wires that have the in-ear design and so will be able to provide more or less sane volume and any kind of sound insulation.

TWS-ear headphones for Android

Buy Lenovo LP1 for 918 rubles only for the promotional code

Features Lenovo LP1 also quite a level, especially considering their price:

  • Frequency range: 20-20, 000 Hz
  • Interface: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ipedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 90 DB
  • Autonomy: 12 hours

Frankly, I do not ever listen to Lenovo LP1. Therefore, to say how they sound, I can’t. But if you do not expect from headphones some outstanding results, most likely, you will be satisfied. In any case, the characteristics indicate just that. But the autonomy they have, frankly, not a record – the same AirPods Pro offer to days of music playback. But it is not very clear, which implies that Lenovo under 12 hours of playback. Perhaps 12 hours work headphones themselves and the charging case gives the same amount. Then the claim can be removed.

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But you should pay special attention to, is the support for active noise control and protection from moisture inside the case. I do not know how LP1 crush noises, yet this technology is too expensive to implement. But, nevertheless, even if the active threshold was not here, this role is fun to do silicone sleeves, performing the role of seals. In this sense, similar to the AirPods headphones Pro even more than it might seem at first glance, and you can wear them in noisy public places, and in the gym.

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