A copy of the test from the Password Manager Enpass 6 available on the store Google Play

The team announced the app work rich from the definition Enpass announced the launch of version test for coming to the main application from the store Google Play, and app name Enpass6 Beta, the turn command is not available when this limit is not designed to apply Enpass 6 Beta to replace the application Enpass usual, where it’s a trial version, and most of it is to choose people new features to help in development.

The owner of these women, the advantages and new additions not found on the main application, most notably a new user interface and multitasking feature, so that you can here restore your existing data from previous versions in Enpass 6 over Wi-Fi or file to existing backups.

Since Enpass 6 based on the new structure, there will be no synchronization or access to a database of Enpass 5 or Previous Versions, currently supports Enpass 6 syncing with Dropbox, with the option of trash bin where all the elements are deleted in Enpass will be saved here, allowing you to recover items accidentally deleted.

Not only this, but there are advantages archive and custom icons let night, and the option to hide important files and documents and many of the advantages that are purely a test, and finally the application of Enpass6 Beta is now available on the shop Google Play To download free and writer, I was interested in the campaign to support Android 4.0 the latest.

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