A critical moment in the evolution of the Earth: the planet’s core is much younger than her

If you imagine that the Earth began its life as a gradually growing rock, it is logical to assume that the nucleus is the oldest part of the planet. At the moment it consists of two parts: a solid iron-Nickel core and the hot liquid involved in the creation of the geomagnetic field. Scientists assumed that the hard part was formed about 2.5 billion years ago, but the ancient crystals showed that the solidification occurred much later. New discovery changes the picture of the evolution of the planet.

Твердое ядро Земли

Scientists from the University of Rochester announced that the solid core of the Earth was formed only about 565 million years ago. This is evidenced by ancient crystals produced in Sept-Ilsky complex in Quebec. Inside them there are magnetic needles, which store a record of the condition of the magnetic field of the planet at a time when they were locked inside the mineral. It was found that approximately 565 million years ago the Earth’s magnetic field was very weak, and was on the verge of extinction.

Магнитное поле Земли

The study showed that at the critical moment and formed a solid core. It stabilized magnetic field and saved the planet from harmful cosmic radiation.

The field is not collapsed because the inner core began to grow and provided a new source of energy for the formation of geodynamics, explained John Tarduno, one of the authors of the study.

The researchers claim that their theory is supported by computer models, but for full confirmation, more work is needed. The study helps not only to understand the history of the Earth, but also to conduct the search for exoplanets.

The same factors that result in movement of the conductive liquid in the world, can influence the magnetic shielding exoplanets. Maybe some planets do not have such a magnetic field as we do, which means the atmosphere and the water is simply not available, — said the researcher.

Scientists constantly make interesting discoveries. For example, recently they found that the oldest stone of the Earth at the moment is on the surface of our satellite — the moon.

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