A curious fact about the App Store, which you probably did not know

Few know that originally the App Store had a downloads counter that clearly showed whether a particular application is popular among users, but disappeared, remaining almost unnoticed. This follows from an interview with Steve jobs a decade ago, published the Information.

According to jobs, the reason that Cupertino decided to remove the counter from the corporate app store, were the objections of the developers. It was one of the few times when Apple has made concessions and did something not on its own initiative.

Is it possible to know the number of downloads in the App Store

“You could open App Store on your iPhone and see what we really added [count of downloads] for each application, but the developers have asked us to give it up,” said jobs.

The then CEO of the company did not explain the motivation of the developers, obviously, considering its already obvious.

The popularity of apps in the App Store

Perhaps the creators were afraid that the counter could seriously affect the popularity of the apps. Seeing a small amount of downloads, users most likely might find the program interesting and to abandon it, not even installing on the device.

Experience Google Play

Counter downloads is indeed a very strong tool for the promotion of application, as evidenced by the experience of Google Play. Practice has shown that users are much more willing to download apps that have been downloaded to them, wary of less popular titles.

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