A day| launch of the first weather satellite. Apple issued a digital camera “Kwik your 100”

Falls on February 17, the anniversary of the issuance of Microsoft’s latest edition to the family of the operating system “Windows NT” Windows NT, under the name “Windows 2000” Windows 2000.

On 17 February 2000, targeting the Microsoft market companies, not individuals, the release of Windows 2000, a Windows operating system released after the “windows Millenium” Windows ME, then was immediately after incorporating linear development of operating systems NT, Windows 95/98, bringing the operating system “Windows XP” Windows XP, which belongs to the family of Windows systems NT, and for a long time on user satisfaction.

On 17 February 1994, Apple released the Apple digital camera “Kwik your 100” QuickTake 100, which was one of the early digital cameras which are put forward in this new market.

Unfortunately for Apple, is not marketing the camera well, which allowed other companies to take the initiative in the market of digital cameras, it has emerged Apple has already from the digital camera market completely by the Year 1997.

On 17 February 1959, was the launch of the satellite “Vanguard 2” Vanguard 2, the first satellite to be launched Meteorology and weather into the space, in order to measure the distribution of the Earth’s cloud cover.

Still Moon weather “Vanguard 2” in its orbit, even today, is expected to continue in its orbit around the Earth for about 300 years to come!

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