A day| start service emergency 911 IBM offered a laptop PC

Falls on February 16, the anniversary of the start of the emergency service 911, so in 1968, which was first activated in Halevy the Alabama of America.

Used more than 98% of the areas of the United States of America, Canada, the emergency number 911 to call for help or distress, in cases of armed robbery and accidents, terrorism fire, as you think many countries of the world the same number to request emergency also.

On 16 February 1978, was created the first system for color ads, computer, Chicago, Illinois, a system of panel data Bulletin Board System (BBS) is a computer system that works through the program can be users to connect and login to the system using Terminal.

When you log in to the system, the user can perform operations such as download and send programs or data, and you can also read user news, reviews, and exchange messages with other users.

We can say that the system of panel data introduced the concept of e-mail for the first time a couple of years before the advent of the internet, the on e-mail correspondence.

On 16 February 1984, the company introduced the IBM Personal Computer Laptop, which processor and Intel (8088) at 4.77 MHz, the memory random access (RAM) at 256 KB, and the screen is not led by 9-inch, in addition to the floppy disk drive 5.25-inch, and the machine running DOS 2.1, and its weight was 13.5 kg, almost, the sale price of 2,795 USD!

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