A day.. the birth of the internet movie database IMDb, which tempted Amazon Buy

Colin Needham Colin Needham is a computer engineer English, he worked in Hewlett-Packard HP in Bristol when he decided to invest his passion for the films in the launch of the database is not online, so on 17 October 1990 launched the Needham site personally for movies, under the name of rec.arts.movies, which became the name the Internet Movie Database Internet Movie Database IMDb.

In the summer of 1996, and because of the success of the first promotion campaign and propaganda in the history of the site for the film Independence Day, Independence Day, Needham stability of HP in order to work permanently at the site of IMDb, and indeed, in 1999, the site got the awards the Webby Awards, an international awards of honor granted to the websites for its performance and good on the internet.

In 1998, held in the Amazon agreement with Needham and its partners to purchase the site at a price of $ 55 million, the site has become part of the Amazon, the use in advertising of discs DVD video, then I followed Amazon’s Development Services website, has launched a service IMDbPro services relating to cinema and film, such as details box office index for companies.

Today, the database contains movies online IMDb information on more than 5.3 million movie, including loops serial, 9.3 million profile stars, with 83 million registered users of its services, which is location number 50 globally and 29 American in terms of the ratio access to the internet.

And still Cole Needham works as an executive for the base film on the internet IMDb until today.

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