A Dyson vacuum cleaner new V11 Torque Drive: a block of intelligence

Owns a Dyson preference today in the development in the world of smart home modern, bold, and strength in the anchored for artificial intelligence capabilities into their products supporting a healthy lifestyle, and intelligent. So, it is not surprising that the place of her high electrical quality, as they are considered the standard for vacuum cleaners wireless.

This includes the Dyson V11 Torque Drive the latest addition to the range of vacuum cleaners strength and light weight of the Dyson, which is the most innovative device the company has up to now.

And this vacuum cleaner as a final product of more than 300 engineers and 32500 part of prototyping, characterized by the head of the company’s most cleaning power and longer battery life, LCD screen new and determined more system to empty the fund, as lacking the full range of features, such as sensors, artificial intelligence

What makes her so special?

With the head of the cleaning main Torque Drive, the weight of the vacuum cleaner less than 3 kilograms and has a length of about 128 cm long, and comes with five attachments, additional cleaning, is the tool of the mechanism of small-motorized, tool cleaning, tool cleaning corners, brush dust cleaning soft brush, clean the dust difficult of removal, which can be replaced with the head of the cleaning main Torque Drive.

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Water is also essential in the cleaning head Torque Drive is its ability to discover differences in the surfaces and change the suction power automatically when needed, which saves runtime of the kidneys. And intuit this system, named sensor dynamic load Dynamic Load Sensor designed for vacuum cleaner V11, the resistance in the Strip brush cleaning head.

It has head cleaning the same on the nylon bristles hard to remove dirt difficult the removal of the carpet and strands of carbon fiber to pick up all the dust hiding in small cracks, and a brush 60 times per second to absorb dirt and dust in his path.

There is also a LCD screen in the upper part of the seat, which allows switching between the modes cleaning the various different suction power and operating time, and show the screen operating time remaining, air conditioning and barriers illustrate to the user how to organize them, in addition to sending reminders to clean the filter.

The definition of the vacuum cleaner in automatic mode with different types of floors and cleans deeply with a balance of suction power, and the design of the economic status of Eco cleaning lighter and longer, while the mode provides enhanced Boost technology up to five minutes of intensive cleaning power extremely.

A bigger battery

Last card V11 about 60 minutes after charging it fully for a period of 4.5 hours, although the actual operating time may vary depending on the power mode and the attachments used and the type of floor used in vacuum cleaner, and after completion of the cleaning pressure on the handle of the red box to open it and dump its contents directly into the trash without touching any of them.

Enjoy the system and the batteries in the vacuum cleaner seven cells largest manufacturer of nickel, cobalt and aluminum will help in providing energy, suction greater, and the battery and control system with which to measure the amount of operating time remaining, and the system capacity of the cell and uses the algorithm to learn the user’s behavior when using the device with the passage of time to calculate runtime remaining.

Cleaning using the V11 Torque Drive

In case you live alone or with several people in the area, the ground is usually frozen all types of hair, dirt, dust, dust due to wear shoes in places by the remnants of foods and other particles obscure, so as to provide Dyson V11 Torque Drive cleaning experience easier and more efficient than any other experience I’ve had since a long time.

And easy to handle vacuum cleaner thanks to its light weight, head pivot, while helping drive their digital, which is stronger by 20 percent than the Dyson Cyclone V10, to absorb the molecules quickly and smoothly, even in hard to reach areas or tight spaces.

Analysed the engineers of Dyson all the details of the V10 is a digital clock, and use the dispenser three in The your new digital V11 which spins at a speed up to 125 thousand rpm, it offers the sites of the first and second air flow and reduce turbulence which helps increase absorption, while reducing the second location of the noise and improves the sound made by the vacuum cleaner.

It features a mechanical rotation which is the part that pushes air in the engine design, the blade longer and thinner to increase the area of contact with air without increasing the mass of the rotor, thereby to alleviate the load on the blades for each unit area, thereby reducing air leakage and raise the efficiency of air movement in general.

Sends the pressure sensor inside the engine of the digital information to the microprocessor, which facilitates the possibility of reporting any blockage across the screen, where it refers to the sudden decline and sharp pressure to the obstruction, and if the low detection slower, Fisher it to the needs of the candidate for washing.

This captures the filtration system to the fully closed more than 99.9 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns (thickness of a human hair is about 70 microns) and kept in a safety capacity of 0.75 liters, which is easy to empty out after that.

Given that it imposes directly when you press on the side, you won’t have to face the risk of dropping the box full of dirt, dust, and dirt on the floor, as you won’t have to deal with the noise for a very long time because the vacuum cleaner is efficient and inclusive.

Top smart clean powered by artificial intelligence

Are smart technologies leading value added by the Dyson vacuum cleaner V11, where he established the company’s artificial intelligence technology is great in their parts, including adding sensor technology on the new brush, which communicates with the main unit and the quality of the surface you are cleaning it, changing vacuum cleaner V11 the amount of energy consumed accordingly.

And can vacuum cleaner V11, thanks to the thorough inside cleaning head, to discover the amount of resistance applied to the bar brush, and then these data are transferred to the engine to decide to turn the amount of suction is appropriate. So if you were to use the vacuum cleaner on the carpet, the bar brush senses the presence of further resistance and the need to accelerate the rotor thereby enhancing the suction power.

The LCD screen more useful

Baptized company Dyson to integrate the screen with this vacuum cleaner new to help reduce the anxiety relating to the time of operation, which is common among users who tend to overestimate the time of cleaning and the use of the battery, and do not want to know how much battery is remaining, so that the help screen countdown of the minutes remaining on the time allocated to the user more wisely.

This screen also displays performance information in real time, including the chosen mode, which gives user more control in the cleaning process, and reminds the user to clean the filter to get the best performance, and reporting of any blockages and how to remove it, thanks to the magnet sensor located within the candidate, in addition to telling the user in case of not installing the filter correctly.

Price and

Expect a Dyson vacuum cleaner v11 three models in the United Arab Emirates, which is available for sale since September 10.

  • The First Amendment is the Dyson V11 Torque Drive, before the price of 2,799 AED, features basic pieces, except the piece head cleaning broom Soft Roller.
  • The Second Amendment is the Dyson V11 Absolute, is being presented at a price of 2,999 AED, and puts all the pieces.
  • The Second Amendment is a golden version of Dyson V11 Absolute, offered at a price of 2,999 AED, except it includes piece Torque Drive Golden featuring golden color.

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