A feature to delete the messages from everyone was Don’t delete the files on the iPhone

It turns out that the “delete messages from the sentence” the application of instant messaging was designed to let you delete the text files that you sent, still leave traces of your messages, due to the presence of exchange in the way the feature work on Android devices and iPhones.

Noted researcher Shitesh Sachan that even after deleting messages, will media files sent to the iPhone users exist in users ‘ computers, in case setting is enabled “concert for the photo – Save to Camera Roll”.

To be clear, although the deleted messages that contain media files will not be visible to the application WhatsApp, but it will be available for users of iPhone who have enabled the feature to save media in the gallery automatically. In contrast, the feature works for Android devices, which says to delete the media files from the show also in the case of deleted from the everyone in the app.

Security researcher call WhatsApp to inform them of this cell, except that the spokesman for the company said that the feature to delete messages from the assembly does not provide any guarantee that the media files will be properly removed from the memory storage devices, the purpose of the job is deleted, but there is no guarantee permanently deleted.

On the other hand, discovered the security researcher recently had a problem similar to the application of the term allows to keep the files saved in users ‘ computers, but the team released a update that fixes a bug, while it seems that WhatsApp had no immediate plans to address the problem.

Source: HOTforSecurity The Hacker News

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