A fighter jet drone equipped with laser guns

Minister of defence of the British dry Williamson from model airplane “Tempest” Tempest combat drone, carrying laser guns, so during the exhibition, the Farnborough international Airshow in Hampshire.

Defense minister said that the aircraft would enable it to fly and engage in shelling and clashes of war without the need for a human pilot on board, and that Britain is working on the introduction of plane service and total dependence on them by the year 2035 as an alternative to aircraft combat multi-task “Eurofighter Typhoon” Eurofighter Typhoon.

The forum alliance between BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce وMBDA for the manufacture of missiles for the industry and development of the aircraft, which are invested £ 2 million in the project, which is described as”the future of war planes”.

He told Williamson that the United Kingdom was the world leader in the aviation sector, war for over a century, and they follow the design strategy for continued interaction in this sector in the future.

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