A former CEO of Lionsgate legislation on the marketing of movies and TV series Apple TV

The Apple the appointment of Danielle DePalma, a former CEO of Lionsgate, specializing in marketing and Digital senior executive in marketing, film and television for the broadcasting service TV the new Apple TV+.

The latest reports indicate that DePalma in her new role will be responsible along with Chris Van Amburg, head of video marketing at Apple, and former CEO of Sony Television.

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It is worth noting that DePalma left the company Lionsgate in January.

Apart from the buying offers in Hollywood, the Apple TV worked on the creation of creative teams and administrative programs video own in the last two years.

Among the many presentations, documentaries and original movies that will be displayed on the Apple TV + later this fall: morning show starring Jennifer Aniston وReese Witherspoon revival of the series Steve Spielberg competent in the movies. “Amazing Stories”.

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