A former NASA engineer has built the world’s largest water gun and got in the Guinness book of records

Summer is in full swing, and that means shooting a water pistol is just a joy. If only this water gun is threatening you, isn’t six-foot and shooting flow of fluid power 1 ton per square inch at a speed of 600 km/h mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who just set a record, realizing his dream into reality. His seven-foot Super Soaker entered the Guinness Book of world records and you look at him.

The gun, made in the form of the classic Super Soaker 50, which was the first model of the brand and popularized water guns, much more powerful than its progenitor. In principle, those of the first water guns, enough for shooting in the back yard, but Robert took advantage of the access to the alien technology stored in NASA, and improved design.

Oversized replica is not working exactly like the original water gun — no pump no tank that holds water is in the handle, not in the cylinder, which is emblazoned at the top of the device. Still, she is much more powerful. Using compressed nitrogen to push the water through the tip of the gun, the gun disperses the water much faster. To understand the pressure of the water leaving the gun eight times higher than in the fire hose. This can and bones to grind.

The construction of the gun took six months. Included are replacement of the nozzle.

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