A full comparison between the iPhone 11, iPhone XR

Earlier last week, Forbes magazine published the America, report of a full comparison between the iPhone 11 new iPhone XS, where were displayed all the specifications to both phones and together to give you a clear picture before thinking about upgrading to a new phone.

Despite the major hype created by Apple around the screen Super Retina XDR in iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the screen of iPhone 11 never disappear from the phone screen iPhone XR.

I know of

The screen is a LCD display size of 6.1 inches, the dimensions of 19.5:9, The True Tone (dynamic change of lighting and colors), the 1792 × 828 pixels (326 pixels per inch), a contrast ratio of 1,400:1, and Dolby Vision / HDR10, the ratio of screen to phone 79%, the maximum brightness of the 625 nets.

For many, this will lead to grumbling and anger. But the truth is that the screen XR surprised many last year and it was better than a lot of OLED screens 1080p.

Moreover, the number of pixels at least indicates that the iPhones XR, iPhone 11 consume a lesser amount of pixels for the other versions the most outstanding, what helps the battery last longer.

However, there is an advantage to the screen of iPhone 11 on the screen of device iPhone XR, which is facial recognition.

مقارنة كاملة بين iPhone 11 وiPhone XR

The upper part of the screen is not smaller but it contains the newer module for facial recognition, faster by 30%. It is also better at face recognition of angles, including when the phone is placed flat on a table.

Like collection phones iPhone 11 Pro, lacks the two phones the iPhone 11, iPhone XR to the plates 90 Hz, which is a shame because it’s amazing technology, but that may be understandable because of the price. As Share now tactile feedback with the iPhone Pro after Apple scrapped the Touch technology three-dimensional.

Design: stronger but uglier.

Theoretically, it seems the design of the iPhone 11 is identical with the design of the iPhone XR, which is weird to some extent due to the excess weight for iPhone 11 Pro, while from the front, nothing has changed.

Still the edges of the iPhone 11 your name because of the LCD screen, which is made of aluminum (unlike the iPhone Pro) and retains the color of iPhone XR, so does not match with the allegations, “the strongest glass in smart phones” launched by the Apple with the models possible.

مقارنة كاملة بين iPhone 11 وiPhone XR

But features iPhone 11 upgrade water resistant to IP68, which means the possibility of immersing the phone to a depth of two meters of water for 30 minutes. While water resistant in cell phones iPhone XR limited to IP67; i.e., to a depth of one meter for the same time period.

And, again, excels iPhone Pro on Monday, but still, it’s an improvement for phones iPhone 11 on the calculation of XR.

As to phone iPhone 11 adds “run to the sound of my” voice of the ocean the default and the adoption of Dolby Atmos to enhance this external speakers for headphones iPhones XR.

Compared camera iPhone 11 Camera Phone iPhone XR

iPhone 11 / iPhone-XR – primary camera – 12 megapixels, lens aperture of f/1.8, and 26 mm, pixel size 1.4 µm, image stabilization, LED flash quad True Tone, video in 4K at 60 frames per second.

iPhone 11 + Super webcam show – 12 megapixels, aperture f/2.4, 13 mm

Yes, adds phone iPhone 11 Super camera offer wonderful change in the landscape the broad and narrow with a flash of True Tone brighter.

مقارنة كاملة بين iPhone 11 وiPhone XR

In general, you won’t get a zoom lens (like the iPhone Pro) is important to improve the quality of the shots are in portrait, so don’t expect a significant upgrade from the iPhone XR at this point.

But the characteristics of the video better, where can phone iPhone 11 editing in real time and navigate easily between the lenses, the angles of the standard Super display during recording.

On the other hand, look lenses binary ugly because of their presence on the same base square of the camera’s new tripartite group phones iPhone 11 Pro, which is a weird choice no doubt for the world.

The front camera for the iPhone 11. the camera module comes with TrueDepth and accurately 12 megapixels, the lens aperture of f/2.2, video 4K quality.

On the other side, comes iPhone the XR front camera – with TrueDepth and accurately Megapixel, the lens aperture of f/2.2, video quality 1080p.

It is hot, add Apple TV mode new “slofies”; the shooting mode selfie slow motion, although no claim is one such property.

Performance: the efficiency of the strong

Use the set Chip Group A of the Apple in its dominance on the performance of smart phones, but it seems that the chip A13 has a different way to achieve it.

  • iPhone 11 – chip A13 Bionic Apple: CPU hexa-core, the graphics processing unit quad-core, editor of the nervous – and then my nuclear
  • iPhone XR – chip A12 Bionic Apple: CPU hexa-core, the graphics processing unit quad-core, processor the movement of the secondary M12

This year, I ignored Apple’s focus usual on raw performance with the latest chips Group A to talk about efficiency, and for good reason; the chip is A13 more effective than the chip A12 by 40%. This as amazing, due to some unique antiques exhibited by iPhones XR last year, but it is not a tremendous advantage in itself.

مقارنة كاملة بين iPhone 11 وiPhone XR

As and iPhone 11-speed “technology networks fourth-generation” is much higher than the iPhone XR.

Despite the lack of adoption of Apple technology fifth generation mobile phones is new, it has got its complete range to a massive upgrade in performance “networks fourth generation” to become faster and 13% of iPhone XS.

Battery life: better speaking

Amazed phone iPhone XR the majority of Apple customers with the best battery life of any smartphone in 2018. Requires you have iPhone 11.

  • iPhone 11 – 3110 Ma-H.
  • iPhone XR – 2,924 Ma-H.

Interesting that with a 5% larger capacity battery, 40% more efficient chip processor, alleging Apple that the battery life even more, by only one hour on the phones iPhone XR.

مقارنة كاملة بين iPhone 11 وiPhone XR

The company also made (and maybe have the right to it) tremendous support for iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max to look the best in terms of endurance capacity in this group.

Storage and prices: real value for money

Until now, this part is what helps the two phones the iPhone 11, iPhone XR that looks special.:

  • iPhone 11 – with a capacity of 64 GB ($699), and 128GB ($749), and 256 GB ($849)
  • iPhone XR – with a capacity of 64 GB ($599) and 128 GB (or)

مقارنة كاملة بين iPhone 11 وiPhone XR

Yes, it’s devices iPhone reasonable cost, have reduced the Apple price iPhone 11 the amount of $ 50. for each feature compared to the price of the iPhone XR when it was launched. Thus, it becomes the price of the 64 GB iPhone 11 less $ 300 of the price of the 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro less the amount of $ 400 for a phone iPhone 11 Pro Max. At the same time, the price of the 64 GB iPhone XR is about half the price of the 64 GB of the phone iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In the end

It seems good to buy this year’s iPhone 11, as shown XR no convincing alternative because of its price.

It also deserves an iPhone 11 difference ($100). If you count them you’ll find that the camera’s super-display, camera, selfie improved, and better performance, battery stronger, the speed of technology fourth-generation Super-all worth $ 20 for each property of them.

In fact, he’s approaching of the advantages of the iPhone Pro so that makes their price point is controversial.

In addition to that my phone, iPhone 11, iPhone XR highlight the most prominent problems of the group Pro; the absence of a screen was 90 Hz and the support networks of the fifth generation.

These absences will not bother you in 2019, but it may become a failure in the 2020 is a big problem in 2021, so spending less money at the present time will make the upgrade option in the future less painful.

So may be iPhone 11 is your best choice, or even bought the iPhone the XR if you can’t afford the hundred dollars additional.

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