A glitch in the broadcast reveals the truth video blog Chinese deceived its audience filters

Qiaobiluo Dianxia Chinese woman seen presented itself as a video of a young woman and deceived thousands across the filter cosmetically in blogging platform audio Chinese Douyu

خلل في البث يكشف حقيقة مدونة فيديو صينة خدعت جمهورها بالفلترOn the right the appearance of women with the use of the filter, on the left-looking real!

Use the filters Cosmetic in social applications has become a general theme, not limited to a category or a specific sex but stay reasonable; all follow you can identify your person despite the change your features, but not so much so that they find out you’re someone else completely different to who they follow-up cross-platform the live broadcast like !

This is what actually happened with the video blog (Vloger) Chinese called “Your Highness Qiao Biluo” as it calls itself, where I think their follow-up to see the girl ten city all out video on the platform of visual Douyu, to improve follow-up and outnumbered them 100 thousand.

This is what it was before revealing her secret. the filter mask about the following bug, a sudden hit the broadcast process; so the fact of her as a woman in her fifth decade are not connected to that young girl that everyone thought to see.

In the story began to submit Qiaobiluo Dianxia herself as a singer in the blogging platform visual Chinese Douyu level of the filter concealed form Age Real where they reach 58 years old, look like a girl in the prime of life as they appear on the right of the picture above.

To exploit their audience of followers in Harvest gifts; which in its entirety is a direct financial link for thousands of dollars over a period for a year of underhanded.

In the said news agency, China’s Global Times that the amount collected by the women reached more than 14 thousand USD.

To provide the ultimate in decoy lie during the process, live with a level of information the others, which look naturally artificial significantly is the other, and show their true, Where was recorded the video and broadcast it on a large scale in China.

The video below shows her that was recorded and revealed the identity of its truth.

It is worth mentioning that this issue has become renowned inside and outside China were transferred through the media world, where indicated, to split the viewing audience between schools and critics of the women did it, and how to exploit it to follow them and each was his argument.

The strange thing is that Dianxia had been knocked off on the throne of search operations via trading platform of visual, as increased numbers of up to 400 thousand follow-up as reported by some news sites in China.

It is worth mentioning that the operations of the broadcasting and blogging visual enjoy great popularity in China, where the number of users 425 million knowing that the filters are a big seller during the broadcast, which means that the copy Dianxia women Pentecostal may exceed a million at the very least among those users, but it was the momentum of the media from the share on what it looks like where the detection first.



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