A glitch in the design of the Messenger Kids led to the accession of children to group conversations unauthorized

Company introduced a Facebook application Messenger Kids to let kids have conversations with other people after the consent of the parents, but that the defect in the design of Facebook, this application has led to joining a lot of children to group conversations or conversations with others unauthorized.

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Confirmed a spokesperson from the company Facebook to notify parents of the danger that has occurred in the application of the Messenger Kids recently which led to the accession of children to group conversations or start to talk with others unauthorized.

The application Messenger Kids from Facebook since the beginning to provide protection for children conduct conversations with others have been approved in advance by the parents, only that this is a bug that appeared in the design of the application has led to a fault in the protection system for your application.

The company has Facebook shut down these conversations unauthorized during the financial period, also began to notify parents and alert users of this cell, except that the company, Facebook did not provide official comments on this bug, they sent a message only to users and parents, which stated:

“We’ve spotted a company Facebook error in application Messenger Kids lets the Friends of the children create groups talks included the children of these communities with others unauthorized, even with the consent of the parents for friends in the beginning,” as asserted by the Facebook to close this group conversations.

On the other hand, did not reveal Facebook about the time of appearance of this defect in the application of the Messenger Kids, but that sets the talks were in the app since December of 2017, so the expected passage of a long time, the existence of this bug in the app already.

Recall that this imbalance comes at a time when Facebook is already legal proceedings did not end after returning to the University of Cambridge Analytica, which may lead to paid Facebook fines of up to $ 5 million.


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