A glitch in the iOS system 13 allows unauthorized access to users ‘ names and their passwords

iOS 13

While allows you to get beta versions of operating systems to test new features before everyone, only to beta versions of operating systems are usually full of mistakes and gaps that are not settled yet, as some features don’t work as is required in some cases.

This is the case with the trial version the newest system iOS 13, iPadOS because according to iDeviceHelp, there seems to be a bug in the operating system allows users to non-authenticated access to user names and passwords stored on the device. However, the good news is that this flaw seems as simple as that the process to access to passwords stored on the device require unlocking the phone first.

This means that the chances of the arrival of people foreign to the passwords stored on the device is very slim, but this is still a problem need to be fixed. Anyway, I’ve been informing Apple of this bug and still we have to acknowledge that, but we hope that you repair this bug in the beta versions coming from iOS 13. It is expected to launch both the iOS and 13, iPadOS officially in the autumn of this year, so there is still plenty of time for Apple to fix the situation.

In the meantime, if you would prefer not to deal with this problem, it is better for you not to continue to use iOS 13 demo, at least until the problem is resolved.

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